Citroën is building on its green light commercial vehicle (LCV) credentials with the UK launch of the new Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel (petrol/LPG) and the Nemo LX 1.4HDi SensoDrive vans.  This latest move comes as Citroën celebrates winning the prestigious GreenFleet LCV Manufacturer of the Year 2009 award – while the Citroën Nemo also became International Van of the Year 2009 in the last few months. Robert Handyside, Citroën's commercial vehicle operations manager, comments, "In today's tough marketplace Citroën has been independently recognised for setting the pace both environmentally and financially.  Citroën's GreenFleet LCV Manufacturer of the Year award and the Nemo's International Van of the Year 2009 success recognise these facts.  The UK launch of the Berlingo Dual Fuel and the Nemo 1.4HDi SensoDrive van further strengthen Citroën's position as offering the most comprehensive, technically advanced, green and economical range of LCVs in the UK."

NEW Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel van With the launch of the new Citroën Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel van, the Citroën Ready to Run range now includes the widest range of petrol/LPG fuelled vans available from any LCV manufacturer in the UK.  The new Nicholson McLaren Engines (NME)-converted Citroën Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel van goes on sale during October, priced from just £9,845 + VAT, alongside the recently launched Nemo 1.4i Dual Fuel van and the Berlingo First Dual Fuel van.

The technically advanced and very reliable NME dual fuel conversion fitted to the Citroën Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel van has already been proven in some 2,000 Nemo and Berlingo First Dual Fuel vans.  The new Berlingo conversion includes a 59 litre LPG tank mounted in place of the spare wheel, with the LPG filler mounted alongside the petrol filler and under the standard fuel filler flap.  Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel vans have the same performance characteristics as the petrol engined vehicle and meet both the new European standard R115 and the existing European standard R6701 and is fully European On Board Diagnosis (EOBD)-compliant.

Citroen Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel van

The Citroën Ready to Run Dual Fuelvans all deliver major fuel cost savings and meet Powershift Band 4 emissions standards and are thus exempt from London Congestion Charge Zone charge, giving additional savings of up to £1,696 p.a.  The range now consists of:-

  • Nemo 1.4i X Dual Fuel van priced at £8,395 + VAT
  • Berlingo First 1.4i Dual Fuel van priced at £7,995 + VAT
  • New Berlingo X 1.6i Dual Fuel van priced at £9,845 + VAT
  • New Berlingo LX 1.6i Dual Fuel van priced at £10,245 + VAT

Robert Handyside remarks, "The new Berlingo LX Dual Fuel is also unique in that it is the only dual fuel van available in the UK to be fitted, as standard, with Trafficmaster Smartnav satellite navigation and Active Traffic management.  This advanced system, which is fitted as standard to all but the base model in the Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay ranges, delivers major productivity and fuel economy savings and plays a key role in further reducing CO2 emissions, by cutting unnecessary mileage."

NEW Nemo LX 1.4HDi SensoDrive van The compact, high cube Citroën Nemo range – just voted International Van of the Year 2009 – has been expanded with the launch of the Nemo LX 1.4HDi SensoDrive van, priced from £10,195 + VAT.  SensoDrive, Citroën's clutchless, automated manual transmission provides a conventional automatic transmission's two-pedal driving convenience with the fuel economy and low CO2 emissions of a manual gearbox.

Significantly, all 1.4HDi-powered Nemos have CO2 emissions below the critical 120g/km level – however, the new Nemo LX 1.4HDi SensoDrive has a 116g/km CO2 rating, 3g/km lower than the five-speed manual Nemo 1.4HDi.  In addition, the Nemo LX 1.4HDi SensoDrive , which costs just £400 + VAT more than the 5 speed manual version,  provides up to 3.6 per cent better fuel economy.

Citroen Nemo SensoDrive van

Nemo 1.4HDi manual 5 speed NEW Nemo LX 1.4HDi SensoDrive SensoDrive % fuel improvement
CO2 emissions 119g/km 116g/km
Fuel consumption
Urban cycle l/100km (mpg) 5.7 (49.6) 5.5 (51.4) +3.60%
Extra urban cycle l/100km (mpg) 3.8 (74.3) 3.7 (76.3) +2.69%
Combined cycle l/100km (mpg) 4.5 (62.8) 4.4 (64.2) +2.30%

Citroën has further enhanced its green credentials with the standard fitment of Trafficmaster Smartnav with Dynamic Traffic Management in virtually every new Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel van. By constantly re-evaluating the optimum routing and automatically redirecting the driver as necessary in response to changing traffic conditions, the Trafficmaster-equipped Citroën van gets from A to B as efficiently as possible, saving time and fuel and minimising driver stress. Trafficmaster's environmental role was also recognised as GreenFleet IT Product of the Year.

It has also recently introduced its new LCV Airdream programme.  All Citroën LCVs carrying the Airdream logo meet CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km, are fitted with the diesel particulate filter system (DPFS) or meet Powershift Band 4 standards. Airdream also means that vehicles are manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory and designed to be 95% recoverable at end of life.