2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi will deliver to the North American market low operating costs, and improved comfort and flexibility. The vehicle was revealed at the 2013 International Association of Transportation Regulators.

First, the new Transit Connect Taxi is equipped with a new engine – the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine matched with a six-speed automatic transmission. It provides quick response, durability and great fuel efficiency. What is more, the vehicle will be the only taxi on the market which will be offered with a compressed natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas engine prep package.

The taxi has been redesigned and includes a decreased height. In addition, an interior hood release was added, which enables the drivers to easily check fluid levels prior to starting a shift. The car is also longer and offers seating for up to five people as well as enhanced cargo capacity of up to 60.5 cubic feet.

Next, Ford Transit Connect Taxi utilizes a modern, durable twist-beam rear suspension that prioritizes passenger comfort and cargo carrying capability. Moreover, the vehicle's floor has been lowered which as a consequence improves the access to the cabin and even more - can be modified to be wheelchair-accessible.

The technology included here are a rear view camera, 6.5-inch touch-screen display with navigation, and SYNC with MyFord Touch. The start of the production of 2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi will begin early next year.

Source: Ford