2021 Ford Smart MirrorFord introduces new "Smart Mirror" technology – this is a high-definition screen that displays a panoramic rear view for the driver of Transit and Transit Custom vans.

The Full Display Interior Mirror will aid drivers to spot cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles that might well are behind them, even when the windowless rear doors or partitions are in the way.

The display reveals what happens at the rear of the vehicle in real-time and features automatic brightness control for optimum visibility through the day-night cycle. Furthermore, the technology offers a field of view which is twice the width of a conventional rear-view mirror. This would help drivers to be more aware of the surroundings – when approaching roundabouts, changing lines, or simply when checking before merging.

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This new technology can be beneficial for delivery drivers that make frequent drop-offs in cities, where there are more likely to encounter those on bikes, scooters, or similar.

The mirror is already available for Ford Transit and Transit Custom vans fitted with windowless rear doors. The system can already be ordered from any Ford dealer.

2021 Ford Smart Mirror

Source: Ford