Cobra Technology & Lifestyle now offers huge variety of options for Nissan 370Z convertible and coupe version. The tuning package is named Cobra N+, which is specially developed to bring better look and performance of the sports car.

Cobra N+ body kit consists of front spoiler, rear diffuser, carbon-fiber-look covers for the outside rear view mirrors.

The front spoiler fits perfectly to the opening of the air inlet of the production front apron, so the aerodynamics of the car is not disrupted.

At the rear, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle added diffuser, which is designed for the standard rear apron. There is also a centrally located reflector as well as custom cutouts for the two large tailpipes of the Cobra N+ sport exhaust system.

Another feature of Nissan 370Z Cobra N+ are custom engineered 19" wheels combinated with lowering springs kit and sport suspension, which give the 370Z even better appearance. The rims are COBRA N+ CN22 with six double spokes in dimensions 9Jx19" at the front and 10Jx19" at the rear fitted with 255/40 and 285/35 ZR19, respectively.  The car track is increased, because of the huge wheels, so even greater cornering speeds are possible.

There are several available options for the suspension of 370Z from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle. The first one is lowering the whole vehicle with 30mm by just adding sport springs set, the second and the third are height-adjustable coil-over sport suspensions. Both versions lower the ride height of coupe and roadster by between 20 and 40 millimeters on front and rear axle.

The sport sound of the vehicle is delivered from the COBRA N+ stainless-steel sport rear mufflers. There are two tailpipes, one from each side measuring 115 x 90 mm. The alternative is a version with an electronically controlled flap and two round 120-mm tailpipes.

The interior can be upgraded with special carbon-fiber-look scuff plates with integrated Z logo.

All parts have a 2-year warranty from COBRA N+, who guarantee excellent quality.

COBRA N Plus Nissan 370Z Roadster (2010) - picture 1 of 4
COBRA N Plus Nissan 370Z Roadster (2010) - picture 2 of 4
COBRA N Plus Nissan 370Z Roadster (2010) - picture 3 of 4
COBRA N Plus Nissan 370Z Roadster (2010) - picture 4 of 4