One of the worst fears of every driver is to blowout a tire, especially a front one. The danger grows exponentially with the speed and imagine, if you are driving with over 300 km/h and this happens…

The misfortune happened to an extremely tuned Nissan GT-R GT800+ Turbo Drive (over 800HP) with 327 km/h (203 mph). The vehicle was accelerating crazily at the highway and just after it passed the 200 mph barrier, the unthinkable occurred. The front right Dunlop Sport Maxx GT600 tire exploded and the driver found himself flying towards the concrete wall.

Fortunately, he managed to keep the car under control and no fatal accidents occurred. While, he was slowing down he passed a lorry and a normal car with over 180 km/h (and a blown tire).

Remember, that he can't step hard on the brakes, because the car is more likely to lose control and spin.

When luck is combined with professional skills, everything is fine!

Take a close look at the video below and remember that this can happen without warning!

Source: Youtube