Nissan has published a video with some testing of the GT-R R35 Nismo fitted with the N-Attack Package at Fuji Speedway. The sports car managed to stop the clock at 7 minutes and 8 seconds round Nurburgring.

The GT-R Nismo N-Attack comes with four-way Ohlins adjustable dampers along with some aerodynamic improvements and pieces making the sports car go faster around the corners. There is a minor weight reduction, front limited-slip differential, carbon plate rear limited-slip differential, dedicated intercooler piping made from carbon and aluminum, as well as a different engine control management and traction control management. The manufacturer is also offering a titanium exhaust system as an option.

Other highlights include a big rear wing with carbon hood, carbon front fenders and an add-on spoiler.

The interior features Recaro full bucket seats with a carbon shell and a carbon rear bulkhead and a rear seat finisher.

The engine is the well-known 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 tuned to 600HP (441 kW).

Source: Nissan