During the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Nissan is going to introduce its Sway concept vehicle which is the next addition to the other automobiles in the small segment. It is envisioned as a model which has the right place next to cars such as Volkswagen Polo or Ford Fiesta. Nissan Sway concept is said to be a representation of what the future models of the small Nissan family might look like. The implementation of a striking new design language will help the company craft out an exemplary of compactness and comfort which come together and serve to offer exclusive driving experience.

Observing the revealed teaser image, we do suspect that the next gen Micra is not going to inherit the same design as its predecessor that received a facelift in 2013. Instead, the real and proper version will adopt plainer, simpler, less dramatic and more convenience-oriented structure which still will be able to exhibit plenty of improvements.

Finally, designed for Europe, the new small hatchback will convey pretty much the same "radical thinking and quality standards" which were possessed by Qashqai and Juke. And if it absorbs those quality characteristics in the same way, Nissan Sway is going to be just as successful as the previously mentioned models.

There aren't any other details available so far but there is more to come soon so stay around!

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Source: Nissan