Petter Solberg had a severe crash at the WRC Rallye de France, which took place this weekend. He lost control of his Ford Fiesta RS and went through a vineyard.

It is very interesting that the driver didn't try to stop the car, instead he kept stepping on the throttle, which was extremely dangerous and… stupid. Some of the spectators were incredibly lucky to avoid huge accident. Several seconds after Solberg abandoned the road, he crashed into a telephone pole, which had fallen over and hit some of the spectators. Luckily, no one was injured.

The accident happened on the first stage of the day and the footage was recorded not only by the on-board camera but also by helicopter.

Before the accident occurred, Peter Solberg was in 4th place but he had to leave the race, because of a broken steering arm and other damage to the car.

Source: Gommeblog via Youtube