Ever considered what would come out from a relationship between a Peugeot 208 and a 3008? Neither have we. But at the moment, in Beijing something just like that is sharing the Peugeot stand . It's the Urban Crossover Concept – a vehicle that "mixes the elegance and refinement of a saloon, the cheekiness and the mischievousness of an SUV with multi-role capability and unusal spaciousness for this market segment". We always thought that the mischievousness and cheekiness are qualities best reserved for small cars but what do we know?

Peugeot say that because of the ever growing urbanization momentum, the Urban Crossover Concept fits perfectly into our worldview. Apparently, it somehow stays small on the outside and versatile and spacious on the inside.

The Concept is also the barer of Peugeot's future styling cues. The front end for example is said to be refined yet full of power. A carefully styled hood and front wings add to the picture. The "smiling" grille with its metallic teeth underpins the new Peugeot badge.

From the side, the Urban Crossover is rather steep thanks to the raked windscreen which overlays with the rooftop and continues the silhouette all the way back to the spoiler. The raised body stance and wide wheels uncover its SUVishness. Peugeot say that it will be mulch-purposeful and yet kind to the environment. No word on any engine lineups though, Nothing technological has been discussed so far. It still is a concept so that's understandable.

At the back we have a double bubble design an aluminum spoiler that bring the RCZ Sports Coupe to mind. Then we have LED tail lights that bare the signature Peugeot clawed design.

Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept

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The Urban Crossover Concept will make its European debut at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012. Until then, our guess is that the urban turf will still be dominated by the Nissan Juke and Ford B-Max.

Source: Peugeot