Porshe Boxter Spyder Side View

Porsche confidently starts the 2015 season by showing the world the revised Boxter Spyder. The supreme sports car will make debut at New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). We will be dealing with a machine that, as its predecessor, has autonomous character, which makes the Boxter a truly loved and anticipated model. Do you remember the hand-operated roof? Or the manual only gearbox? With the redesigned Spyder come not only these, but many more goodies.

As a true and honorable member of a big family, the Spyder brings a well-known driving experience, but with a present-day technical and performance tuning. Get ready to try a beast, that comes with stiff suspension, that lowers the height with 20mm, supreme brakes, as in the 911 Carrera, tweaked steering capabilities and a 3.8Liter flat six-cylinder powerplant, with overall output of  375 hp (276 kW).

This, in fact, is the lightest and most powerful Boxter up to date. It takes 4.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 100 km/h with a top speed of 180 km/h. The overall fuel consumption is calculated to 9.9L/100 km (28mpg).

And when it comes to driving experience, the Porsche team knows how to bring smile on your face. The interior atmosphere makes you feel the character of the car, as it brings that prime and pure sport car feel. The lightweighted seats come with wider side supports, and the steering wheel is with a diameter of 360 mm - especially made to ensure great agility and response.

As in the spirit of a sport car, the Spyder doesn't include radio or air conditioning systems, so the overall weight is further reduced. However, you can order them at no cost. In fact, you can get a whole pack of audio system that can be installed in any model of the Boxter line. The Porsche Communication Management system is also included in the optional sets.

Porsche Boxter Spyder will be on sale in July. You can make orders directly from the Porsche Centers.

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