Often car owners are concerned with questions regarding their car paint and its protection. Repainting the the vehicle all over again is, of course, an option to give it a fresh look but it in many cases it is an extreme final decision. In such situations the Augsburg 2M-Designs company comes to the rescue. People who work there are experts when it comes to car wrapping-related questions. It does not matter whether mat, high polish, metallic, pearl effect, flip-flop or structure foils are being used. They can wrap it all and inject a new life into the automobile.

Now, the attention of 2M-Designs has been directed towards Porsche Macan. Originally, the name of this model has Indonesian roots and it is translated as "tiger". Looking at this model, one can notice the obvious contours of a predator. With such aggressively-shaped headlights it almost feels like the Macan is staring right back at you, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. The centurion light gray wrapping has several layers of different foils and an integrated "Porsche" logo which further highlight the appearance of the SUV.

This splendid work on the 2M-Designs Porsche Macan the result of the co-operation with the Stuttgart MTCHBX Designs company.

The wrapping in centurion light gray has the price tag of 2,799 Euro, adding the rear lamps optics costs 349 Euro. Other design touches demand another 799 Euro. On top of this, 2M-Designs is also developing a power improvement module. There isn't any information about it yet but it is said to be presented in February 01st 2015 and can be purchased for 1,099 Euro.

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Source: Miranda-Media