Have you ever dreamt about driving the first generation Mustang, not in a restored form, but in a fresh form, just like it has arrived from the factory? Believe it or not, all things are possible since the Florida based car manufacturer, named Revology Cars, has produced the exact replica of the original 1964 Ford Mustang. The goal was to make a replica of the model, but with one simple difference - it should include all of the modern technologies that contemporary cars are infused with.

So, the result is at hand, since this Beauty has already debuted at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance this weekend. As a "postmodern interpretation" of the iconic muscle vehicle, this Mustang actually includes various updates that not only highlight the original design, but also improve some old-fashioned features.

For instance, the technicians have integrated here power windows which are activated via the original window crank handle. There is also an electronic instrument cluster (not typical for the first gen model, isn't it?) and LEDs mounted in the five-dial bezel. The perfect place for the USB and AUX jacks has been found in the ashtray.

More prominent changes have been applied to the powertrain and suspension. The power here comes from the gasoline 5.0L V8 engine coupled with automatic or a manual transmission. The suspension improvements feature MacPherson strut and three-link design rear end for more balance and improved performance. Speaking about balance (and safety), we should also mention the four-wheel disc brakes.

The other equipment highlights at a glance are the remote keyless entry and power door locks. The occupants will also enjoy the power seats, tilt steering column, intermittent wipers, digital message center, remote trunk release and even the integrated Bluetooth. There is so much done inside.

Old school safety does not equal its modern interpretation, so Revology Cars has to infuse the car with many additional active and passive safety features like LEDs up front, the dual chamber master cylinder as well as the rack and pinion steering. They are accompanied by the side intrusion beams, collapsible steering column, three-point seat belts and a fuel pump inertia shut-off switch.

Besides all of the aforementioned details, we must highlights that this replica is built on a brand new steel body, delivered by Dynacorn. Last thing to mention is that if you want to acquire this beautiful muscle car, then you should prepare at least $119,500 US. Oh, and you can chose between a fastback and a cabrio.

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