Last year's successful launch of the new SEAT Ibiza was very prominent at the 2009 Premios Eventoplus gala, which took place last week in Madrid. SEAT's different Ibiza events won three awards out of the four categories they were nominated in -- Best Product Presentation, Best Decoration and Best Promotional Event.

"We are very proud to see that our suppliers get awarded for their involvement in the tremendous activities that we initiated last year", comments Jörn Hinrichs, SEAT's Marketing Director. "The vast integrated team effort that lies behind put the new SEAT Ibiza on market in the best possible way."

The awards organiser Grupo eventoplus sets the guidelines and invites a panel of independent jury members whose votes decide the winning projects. This year the panel was made up of 17 jurors.

SEAT Ibiza launch event

Best Product Presentation: The agencies Apple Tree and won the award for the SEAT Ibiza dealer presentation on the island of Ibiza in 2008. For more than two weeks, dealers from all around the world were invited to experience the new Ibiza on the island that gives it its name. Best Decoration: won for the SEAT Go! Awards, 2008. This annual event, which recognises the best SEAT dealers, was held in the salt flats of Ibiza.

Best Promotional Event: WWP Group won the award for the innovative European Tour of the new SEAT Ibiza. Three trucks with a special see-through trailer exhibiting the new Ibiza inside went on tour in virtually all European countries last year.

The fourth edition of the Premios Eventoplus took place in Madrid's IFEMA Convention Centre, with a record 175 entries competing for prizes in 15 categories. The Eventoplus Awards are organized by Grupo Eventoplus, which was created in the year 2000 as a "pioneering force that provides cohesion, information, inspiration and professionalism to event organisers".

SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, 1 of 6
SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, 2 of 6
SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, 3 of 6
SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, 4 of 6
SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, 5 of 6
SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Ibiza ECOMOTIVE, 6 of 6