I have just stumbled on this video/thing on YouTube. It's from the Volkswagen channel and it's supposed to be a teaser. Yes, the Beetle is newish but the focus is not on it per se. In August, Discovery Channel are going to broadcast their annual "Shark Week" and Volkswagen will somehow be involved in it.

Volkswagen Beetle Shark Observation Cage

Why a Beetle then? Well, since the Inglostadt guys don't have a particular car named after a certain species of shark, why not? Besides, If we got this right, they will be putting together a "Beetle Shark Observation Cage", which sounds like the most unsettling, comfortable thing ever. Volkswagen have rigid and reliable history but this stunt takes on a whole new meaning.

However, If the cage is to be modeled after a Beetle, it kind of makes sense since it's the perfect shape – spacious and view friendly. Thus vigilance won't be an issue when dipping for sharks.

The whole plan will come to light, we guess, on Sunday, the 12th of August when Discovery's Shark Week will be in motion. Don't miss out.

Video Source: Volkswagen via YouTube