Škoda Superb GreenLines have been provided to the Czech Government for the period of the Czech Republic's EU presidency.

Superb GreenLine (1.9 TDI PD 105 bhp) is the flagship model's more environmentally friendly trim that delivers low emissions and great fuel economy. The twenty-seven vehicles will be used by the government to transport EU ministers and delegations visiting the Czech Republic. The first event to see the Škoda GreenLines in action is the EU-US summit that will take place in Prague over April 4 – 5 and will be attended by the new US president Barack Obama as part of his first official visit to Europe.

Škoda Auto PR Manager Radek Spicar comments: "We are pleased that the Superb GreenLine is to be used as the official vehicle when Barack Obama visits the country. We are aware of his positive attitude to environmental protection and giving environmentally-friendly vehicles political support is very important in terms of increasing the number of such vehicles in general. We are really pleased that the vehicles will also be used to transport the EU environment ministers in Prague - this is surely going to be seen as an example worth following. "

The Superb GreenLine emits a mere 136 g/km and has an outstanding combined fuel consumption of 55.4 mpg. Škoda's engineers achieved this by adapting the aerodynamic features of the chassis (lowered by 15mm), extending the gear ratio, re-mapping the engine for greater efficiency and replacing the spare wheel with a tyre repair kit. As a result the vehicle's weight is lower and the fine-tuning in the design has improved the aerodynamics. Furthermore, special tyres with lower rolling resistance have helped reduce the car's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, all adding up to a more environmentally conscious vehicle.

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