2019 SKODA Superb 85 years ago, on 22 October 1934, SKODA team unveiled the Superb lineup. The name highlighted the quality and comfort of brand's new luxurious model, which until then had simply been released under the name S 640. Between 1934 and 1949 there were more than 1,000 first generation Superb vehicles rolled off the production line. And in 2001, the prominent Czeck manufacturer revived the vehicle by implying a contemporary approach towards the drivetrain system, design concept, and utility gadgets.

Inspired by the Latin word for "stately", the first SKODA model to bear the Superb badge was 5.5 meters long, 1.7-meters wide and 1.66-meters tall. Furthermore, the vehicle was powered by a 2.5-liter 55hp six-cylinder engine. The high demand quickly led to longer delivery waiting times, which have eventually expanded to two months for the convertible model.

SKODA team has continued to present improvements and upgrades for about four years, until the team proudly unveiled Superb OHV back in 1938 with the massive 80hp in-line six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3,137cm3. There were also several Superb 4000s produced right before the war. This production was revived in 1946 when the brand showcased a revised version with a six-cylinder power unit.

2001 SKODA Superb

Some decades later, in 2001, SKODA Superb makes its dramatic comeback. The refreshed lineup features attractive design and excellent value for money. After building more than 130,000 units, SKODA has managed to launch a second-generation in 2008. This new family member presented numerous innovations, among which can be seen KESSY keyless access and start system. By 2015 there were a total of 404,756 units of the hatch and 217,734 estate versions rolled off the production lines at the SKODA plant in Kvasiny.

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The current lineup of Superb vehicles has enjoyed global popularity since 2015. In fact, not a single SKODA vehicle has received such attention until the unveiling of the last Superb model. Featuring tons of "Simply Clever" additions and changes, the automobile offers new assistance systems and massive leg- and headroom for passengers.

And now, SKODA presents 2019 Superb. The flagship machine showcases major updates: there are full LED matrix headlights and an expanded range of innovative assistance systems. The Superb iV will also finish the cycle of innovations and advanced technology by presenting a plug-in hybrid drive next year.

1939 SKODA Superb


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Source: SKODA