2021 SKODA All-In Customer ServiceSKODA ensures even greater peace of mind to brand enthusiasts with the introduction of the All-In SKODA aftercare pack. It is created for vehicles aged between 3 and 6 years and is specially tailored to enhance the customer support possibilities for SKODA owners and their vehicles.

The pack is available for all 3-6 old SKODA vehicles, not just the ones bought through the brand's approved channels, and gives the chance for a free initial inspection by a trained SKODA technician and covers the cost of two services, and two annual MOT tests, as some additional service procedures.

The package takes away the need to plan ahead for the main future serving costs and allows customers to budget more precisely their payment method. This approach highlights the brand's dedication to delivering stress-free ownership possibilities.

2021 SKODA All-In Customer Service

The program is valid for SKODA vehicles aged between 3 and 6 years with a 2.0-liter power unit or under 100,000 miles at activation.

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As it seems, the SKODA team not only focuses its attention on delivering us advanced vehicles but also enhancing its customer support services. Taking care of both old and new vehicles, and especially with such appealing offerings, the Czech manufacturer really draws attention both from brand enthusiasts and critics.

2021 SKODA All-In Customer Service