2015 Ford Explorer with Sony SystemFor even more pleasurable and fun drive, now the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum includes an exclusive Sony audio system, that comes with Live Acoustics technology and Clear Phase technology. In fact, this is the first time premium Sony audio system is included in a vehicle. As you might remember since 1991 the Explorer model has been the top-selling SUV and since then offers high-quality vehicle components and high-tech gadgets.

To create the perfect cabin atmosphere while on the road, Sony team spent more than 100 hours fine tuning the system just to provide the best audio experience, that the Sony team is capable of. Sony engineers especially examined and studied great halls in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna, just to ensure the perfect balance and sound quality in the 2016 Explorer.

At the heart of the audio system, there are 12 high-quality speakers, and a class D amplifier unit and a especially crafted subwoofer. All the speakers are capable of producing 500 watts and are placed on special places in the cabin.

The most special thing about the audio system is definitely the Clear Phase technology. When music is played, sound engineers make sure, that any instrument occupies a specific area of sound frequency. The idea is to shape the overall sound into a listenable piece of music, where every single musical note is especially balanced in order to get the maximum out of it.

So, in order to achieve it, Sony engineers strategically tuned the speakers and placed them in special zones, just to achieve that "sweet spot" balance of instruments, that are played in a certain musical record.

The audio system is really a unique achievement not only for Sony brand or for Ford brand, but it is achievement, done by the cooperative work of professionals. Creating and incorporating such a masterpiece in such a unique vehicle is really a matter of dedication, professionalism and desire for the best result.

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