Powerful and stylish, the brand-new Vauxhall Insignia has improved several of the best features present in some of the most modern cars in order to offer the driver some of the most satisfying driving sensations he will be able to experience. Extremely comfortable and designed with real people in mind, the New Insignia presents a great performance, the latest technology and a wide range of models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a new car to replace you old one, or to use daily, the New Vauxhall Insignia is one of the best options on the market.

Equipped with the latest technological tools and features, the New Insignia includes extremely advanced systems that will help the pilot drive and handle with ease every aspect of the car. For instance, the Human Machine Interface and Infotainment Systems are able to present the information the driver needs when he needs it. All kinds of information, from the satellite navigation to the music or radio application menus, are accessible by using either voice commands or the integrated touch screen.

The Intellilink System, another of the brand-new Vauxhall Insignia technological features, allows any smartphone and every other technological device to be connected to the car. The driver is also able to stream audio or video via those devices just by using Bluetooth signals. Making use of the 8-inch touch-screen and touch-pad control, the driver has the option of downloading any of the multiple applications available and compatible with the system. It is possible to listen to the most popular music radio stations, learn about the traffic conditions, listen to an audio book, or even listen to the latest news.

Adaptive Forward Lighting, on the other hand, is a headlight system designed to drive in real-life conditions. This technology allows the car to automatically move the bi-xenon headlights while also adjusting its luminosity and position according to the different weather or climate conditions. Adaptive Forward Lighting is a great solution to enhance the visibility on the road at night, making driving in difficult conditions much safer.

Another technological feature of the Vauxhall Insignia is the Advanced Park Pilot, a mechanism that will allow the driver to detect and be guided into an existing parking space. Whether the driver wants to park in small spaces or in his own garage, Advanced Park Pilot allows him to save time and effort, detecting even the smallest obstacle to ensure a very smooth parking.

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