A brand new MINI model is going to be unveiled on 18th of November 2013. On this date will be celebrated 107 years since the birth of the man who started an automobile revolution, Sir Alec Issigonis.

The premiere will be hosted at MINI Plant Oxford and then the new model will be showcased in front of international audiences that same week, with an almost simultaneous reveal in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

The car will make its debut in Tokyo on 20th of November 2013, followed just hours later by the Los Angeles Motor Show in California. The new MINI will go on sale in the first quarter of 2014.

Similarly as its predecessor, the new MINI model will be produced in Oxford. The start of its production and the world premiere highlight additionally the jubilee year for the MINI Plant. In fact, in it automobiles have been built for more than 100 years.

Moreover, the world premiere will pay homage to MINI's origins and to the father of the iconical vehicle. The first MINI was introduced back in the 1959. With this act Sir Alec Issigonis revolutionized the automobile industry. The car featured transversely mounted engine, front wheel drive, wheels set in all four corners and an advanced undercarriage.

The concepts Issigonis have created were later used as a foundation for many generations of small and compact cars. In their most modern form, those principals are still being utilized. However, the today's models include new engines and chassis technologies, MINI Connected innovations and refined premium quality. They all contribute towards the continuation of the emblematic position that the car has in the automotive industry.

Source: MINI