It's hard to imagine that the BMW 3 Series, the current one, needs a suspension revision. In fact it doesn't. Even Vogtland themselves admit so. However they have provided one nevertheless. It's for the hardcore fans of sideways lunacy and track day goers.

I say suspension but the whole thing is just a set of springs which lower the car by 30 mm. Supposedly, one would benefit from the lower center of gravity and the better sway control. Nobody can't be quite sure if all works out, but at the very least, the F30 gets a cooler and more desirable stance. A stance that costs $304. For that you get also a TÜV certificate and a two year guarantee.

And the springs themselves are not what you'd call outdated - manufactured from high strength "chromium-silicon alloy". Haven't got the slightest ideal what that means but it just sounds cool.

BMW F30 with Vogtland springs BMW F30 with Vogtland springs

Source: Vogtland