2021 Volkswagen Multivan SketchesThe Multivan remains the master of transformation: it can be the family MPV, a business vehicle, a sports gear transporter, a camper, and tons of other things. The first generation has already received a legendary status. Now, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is ready to present the next family member that would further enhance the flexibility of the vehicle.

However, there are some differences and changes, compared to the previous generations. The seats will be of higher position, there are a total of five rear seats that can be removed, and last, but certainly not least, the vehicle will adopt all the handy functions from T3, T4, T5, T6, and T6.1.

Also, there will be only individual seats – the full-width bench seats on the third row is no more. At the same time, the new individual seats of the second and third rows adopt a lighter and more comfortable construction.

Albert Kirzinger, Head of Design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, explains in a short video why flexible seats and a middle seat that is both movable and removable are so important for a Multivan: "It is wonderfully practical. And a car is practical if it can be used flexibly. To that end, we've created a new seating system. You can easily take seats out to get your sports equipment, mountain bike and/or surfboard into this generously proportioned space. With these seats, everything is possible in the new Multivan."

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Also, the original table onboard has undergone some changes and modernization by becoming more functional and coming with tons of new features. However, the Volkswagen team is reluctant to tell us more at this stage!

Source: Volkswagen