2021 Volkswagen Polo GTIJust in time for the traditional GTI weekend meet-up on Lake Wörthersee, VW reveals the first images of the new Polo GTI. The compact sports car is based on the last generation Polo and offers premium features and numerous customization options. Also, the vehicle showcases a dynamic and beautiful exterior design – a part of VW's new concept approach towards the new generations of models.

The official premiere of the new Polo GTI will take place later in June 2021.

As fans will say, "Once a GTI, always a GTI", and with a reason. The success of the GTI concept continues with VW's latest models and now the engineering team not only focuses on retaining the strong excitement but also build on this foundation and add new tech concepts to the mix.

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As it comes to the meet-up, this is the usual spot for GTI maniacs since 1982. Over the years, the event attracted both enthusiasts and specialists and has become a soft of a dedicated festival with the simple idea of admiring the GTI lineup.

Source: Volkswagen