Wimmer Porsche GT2 RS is the name of the newest masterpiece conversion that comes from the Solingen-based aftermarket expert. As the name hints, the retrofitted ride is the recently launched, extremely racy Porsche GT2 RS, which probably tops the chart as the strongest 911-based series ride ever built.

Completely untouched visually, the Wimmer Porsche GT2 RS sports skillfully optimized performance elements, including two turbochargers, air intake, throttle valve and a newly fitted sport air filter. Another undoubted highlight in the ride's power compartment is the addition of a valve-controlled sport exhaust system with sport catalysts, which plays a decisive part in the never-ending forward thrust of the GT2 RS.

Thanks to these enhancements/additions, the Wimmer monster produces the amazing 703 horsepower with maximum torque of 810 Nm. Its top speed is approximately 356 km/h, depending on the used tires, while the classic zero to 100 km/h acceleration sprint takes only 3.3 seconds flat.