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redesigned infiniti q60 and qx30 to make european debut in geneva

Redesigned Infiniti Q60 and QX30 to Make European Debut in Geneva

Infiniti Q60 and QX30 are going to make European debut in less than e month at the Geneva Motor Show. Along with the duo, the company will present the further upgraded Q50. Common among all three is the iconic design language, innovative technologies and precise driving characteristics. We have seen “the birth” of the 2017 Infiniti Q60 sports coupe at the North American International Auto Show in the beginning of the year. And we were impr

infiniti reveals the concept based q60 sports coupe

Infiniti Reveals the Concept Based Q60 Sports Coupe

Infiniti Q60 sports coupe has been finally unveiled. The place is of course the currently on going North American International Auto Show (or NAIAS for short) in Detroit. You can have a taste of what’s to drive it even from the pictures. By the way don’t miss them in our gallery below. The Q60 is undoubtedly design

infiniti releases more details about 2017 qx30 lineup

Infiniti Releases More Details About 2017 QX30 Lineup

Infiniti announces that the QX lineup premium active crossover will meet three new members: QX30 and QX30S and the special QX30 AWD . Along with the visual upgrades, the two vehicles have a lot more to demonstrate. So, let's check out what is going on here. Infiniti QX30 This is an especially built premium crossover

infiniti releases more details for 2016 q50 and qx60 models

Infiniti Releases More Details For 2016 Q50 and QX60 Models

Infiniti reveals details for the improvement of two key models: 2016 Q50 Sport Sedan and 2016 QX60 Crossover. Vice President Randy Parker announced that the Q50 model will be available with three new turbocharged engines, which include a 400hp (294kW) monster, while the QX60 will offer a reshaped exterior and tweaked interior. So, let's check out what is going on here. As said, Q50 gets three new engines and the most notable one is the 400hp 3

2016 infiniti qx30 premium active crossover made its global debut

2016 Infiniti QX30 Premium Active Crossover Made its Global Debut

2016 Infiniti QX30 Premium Active crossover was unveiled simultaneously at the 2015 Los Angeles Motor Show an Guanzhou International Motor Show and confidently demonstrated what Infiniti brand holds for the future. This sweetie is especially created for the new generation of premium buyers who do appreciate a neatly-done design and the precisely fine-tuned and powerful drivetrain system. And the QX30 surely delivers such precision. So, let's c

autumn is versatile in colors and so is the infiniti qx80 by larte design [video]

Autumn is Versatile in Colors and so is the Infiniti QX80 by LARTE Design [VIDEO]

LARTE Design Infiniti QX80 is not a brand new project that comes out of the blue. However, this particular QX80, which is shown in the gallery below and the pictures featured in the article, is the new offer that is revealed by the tuning company. Specifically for the autumn days they have prepared for their customers brilliant color diversity for the Infiniti model, thus making it available in Dark Currant and Graphite Shadow. SEE ALSO: LARTE D

why is infiniti q30 active compact so important for the brand?

Why Is Infiniti Q30 Active Compact So Important For the Brand?

Infiniti revealed the 2016 Q30 Active Compact at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. This demonstration will plays important role for the manufacturer because the latest Q30 is an important release for company's big plans for global growth. Created for the new generation of buyers who do want distinctive character and comfortable ride, the Q30 stays true to the well-known Infiniti design, but at the same time demonstrates different approach for thi

2016 infiniti qx70 ultimate will try to become the ultimate infiniti vehicle

2016 Infiniti QX70 Ultimate Will Try To Become the Ultimate Infiniti Vehicle

Everything that owners and fans loved about the Infiniti QX70 is now refined and fine tuned to demonstrate the classy and fresh QX70 Ultimate. And the sweetie will make its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Exterior and Interior Styling As you know, QX70 is Infiniti's iconic SUV model and it is maybe the most appealing Infiniti vehicle ever created. Infiniti team definitely tried its best to deliver a beautiful, flexible, sp

infiniti shows q30's interior ahead of frankfurt debut

Infiniti Shows Q30's Interior Ahead of Frankfurt Debut

Infiniti Q30’s interior has been revealed via two images. The company has promised that the cabin actually mimics the expressive exterior. The world premiere of Q30, company’s first ever premium active compact vehicle, will happen in no less than two weeks at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. What do we

infiniti fx with 32-inch wheels. eccentric or ridiculous?

Infiniti FX With 32-Inch Wheels. Eccentric or Ridiculous?

Infiniti FX proves that size matters. No, really. This particular model just proves it. You can see it by the ridiculously large wheels. These are 32-inch Autonomo-L rollers and they make difference. Sun, seaside sight and that monstrous vehicle. Let's check out what is happening here. So, if you thought, that 20-in

bentley, infiniti, lexus, ford: what did you miss? this week's summary

Bentley, Infiniti, Lexus, Ford: What Did You Miss? This Week's Summary

Morgan ARP 4 Limited Edition Beauty, style and passion. These the three main words, that describe Morgan's latest masterpiece. The vehicle is capable of conquering both tracks and roads, while offering some superior comfort, highest levels of luxury and numerous more interesting features. To see more about the vehicle, click here: Morgan ARP 4 Limited Edition And the Fairytale of Luxury and Style Bentley "Blue Train" Limited Edition The leg

is infiniti q30 premium active compact better than 2013 infiniti q30 concept?

Is Infiniti Q30 Premium Active Compact better than 2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept?

There is good news for Infiniti fans as the automaker is taking down the camouflage of their unique Q30 Premium Active Compact ahead of its premiere. The Hong Kong-established luxury division of Nissan unveiled just one image, but it says enough. At least exteriorly. The luxury hatchback arrives with an acute style, a pinch of exclusivity and a lot of driving dynamics. Despite the fact that it is envisioned as a model that somewhat “times”