luxgen7 ceo - the ultimate business vehicle

LUXGEN7 CEO - the ultimate business vehicle

LUXGEN7 CEO is the latest masterpiece vehicle introduced by the Taiwanese automaker LUXGEN Motors. Aimed exclusively at the top business executives, the all-new LUXGEN7 CEO is practically an exceptional luxury automobile that boasts fully-independent, incredibly spacious, ultra comfortable and isolated personal space. The LUXGEN7 CEO is the fourth model in the brand’s line-up, which takes the lead as a new flagship vehicle. In the terms of exterior styling, the luxury car utilizes brand’s signature wing-s

LUXGEN7 MPV EV - Zero Emission 7-seater

Luxgen are ready to introduce their MPV EV+, which is absolutely ECO-friendly. It is the wolrd’s first 7-passenger electric vehicle, which generates no carbon emissions and delivers clean power when comparing with other fuel technologies such as LPG and hybrid power. The vehicle is developed by R&D and AC Propulsion (ACP), a world-leading electric vehicle pioneer. Luxgen7 MPV EV is powered by 240hp and 265Nm of torque AC induction motor accelerating the vehicle from 0 to 62mph in 8.6 se

Luxgen7 SUV is not only the largest, but the most intelligent

Taiwan’s car maker – Luxgen is presenting its second model the LUXGEN7 SUV. The previous model LUXGEN7 MPV had huge success after its debut at the Dubai motor show. It achieved awesome sales volume which surpassing the sales volume of the entire Hyundai brand in Taiwan. Luxgen7 MPV is the first automobile ever to win the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award. The dimensions of Luxgen7 SUV measure at 4.8 meters long, 1.93 meters wide and 1.76