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jms opel insignia

JMS Opel Insignia

In search for an executive saloon but tired of BMWs or Audis and Mercedeses? They are the usual choice but one can never get hurt from trying something different. Oh Look! Here's an Opel Insignia... and it's been tweaked by German motoring specialists JMS. It's a starter project with more options due to come. I basically depends on the customer. What you do get however, is a KW coilover version 3 inox for a suspension. That will set you back $2,226. Because of it, the Insignia will be lower tha

alternative fuels: propane, electricity, ammonia and liquid nitrogen

Alternative Fuels: Propane, Electricity, Ammonia and Liquid Nitrogen

Yesterday we discussed two of the most popular alternative fuels – biodiesel and alcohol fuel. As we already became familiar, both are efficient not only in ecological terms, but also in economical ones. Given that the concerns around the global warming are escalating, I presume that in the future, there will be a great necessity for vehicles which emit less CO2 or are with zero emissions. Hence, this leads to the though that even more alternat

alternative fuels: biofuel, alcohol and hydrogen

Alternative Fuels: Biofuel, Alcohol and Hydrogen

This week’s fresh “eco” air is a small review of some of the alternative fuels available for use. A simple fact is that humanity sooner or later will experience the necessity of their utilization. Hence, the aim of the article is not only to raise the ecological awareness, but also to lift up the veil of ignorance around the alternative vehicle fuels that can be successfully utilized. But what we actually understand under alternative fuel? It is such type of fuel, which is non-conventional or advanced in i

front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive

Front Wheel Drive vs. Rear Wheel Drive

It is very difficult to say which is better between a front wheel drive (FWD) and a rear wheel drive (RWD). The conception is quite different. Actually, both have nothing in common in road behavior. When you get at the limit of your car, the pros and cons appear the most. The FWD is famous with its understeer, while the RWD with its oversteer. Both understeer and oversteer are quite shocking in everyday or normal driving conditions and should be avoided. Often the electronic safety systems ta

opel relies on lpg with ecoflex 1.4

Opel Relies on LPG with EcoFLEX 1.4

Opel are now diversifying their EcoFlex range with with two new, LPG adapted (Liquid Petrolium Gas) additions. The Astra 5-door hatchback and the Astra Sport Tourer will get the more grunty engine while the Meriva will keep it simple with a less powerful and less thirsty version of the former. This is not Opel's LPG debut however. They have been building LPG adapted cars since 2009. Last year, Corsas have started rolling out of the factory with 1.2, LPG modified EcoFlexes that deliver a nimbl

opel marks 150 years of existence

Opel Marks 150 Years of Existence

Opel is preparing to celebrate 150 years of business this year and to do it properly they are planning to release special “150 years Opel” edition of the Corsa, Meriva, Astra and Insignia line. The cars will come with additional equipment and styling that would normally cost much more as an option (one can save up to 2100 euros). An even more festive jubilee trim package - “150 years Opel” - will guarantee exclusivity and character. The Corsa and Meriva editions both come with 16-inch

steinmetz opel astra gtc

2011 Steinmetz Opel Astra GTC

Steinmetz has announced the new tuning program for the latest Opel Astra GTC. "Make good things even better," the result of the claim can be seen in a range of sporting accessories that are guaranteed to the GTC stylish individualists. The package includes both exterior and interior modifications. The aerodynamics body kit consists of a new front spoiler mounted on the front bumper, a black front grille and a sport exhaust system. The stance is optimized by a set of lowering springs, which

senner opel astra

Senner Opel Astra

Senner Tuning has announced a new tuning package for the latest Opel Astra, which is just astonishing even without any modifications. However, the tuning specialists have developed both styling and performance upgrades. The 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol gets  a performance upgrade boosting the engine from 140PS (103 kW) and 200Nm (147 lb-ft) to 165PS (121 kW) and 250Nm (184 lb-ft). The engine control system was adapted by SENNER, and the BMC sport air filter was installed. The stainless stee

5 most aerodynamic family saloons on the market

5 Most Aerodynamic Family Saloons on the Market

We have all heard the idiom “This … has the aerodynamics of a brick” at one time or another and it is not by accident that the expression has become universally popular among automotive enthusiasts. It turns out, in fact, that when it comes to aerodynamics (which in a car determines a number of characteristics, including but not limited to top speed, fuel consumption, and noise inside) you pretty much cannot do any worse. How do we know? Well, some really smart people invented the ‘drag coefficient’,

2012 opel insignia

2012 Opel Insignia

Opel has announced the new 2012 Insignia coming with best-in-class new 1.4 turbo ecoFLEX engine, new 2.0 turbo petrol, Start/Stop system and added value. The exterior remains the same, but the vehicle gets a new "Luxor" metallic paint and new alloy wheels. Still, the interior boasts "Indian Night" Nappa leather seats, new infotainment systems - Navi 600 and Navi 900 Europa, an improved front camera system with Forward Collision Alert system. The interesting updates are the two new engines

irmscher opel astra gtc

Irmscher Opel Astra GTC

Irmscher are ready with their tuning package for Opel Astra GTC. The tuning company offer both styling and performance upgrades. The aerodynamics kit includes a new grille, front spoiler lip, roof spoiler and a rear diffuser, which houses quad exhaust tips. Irmscher also offers complete sports exhaust system with oval tips. Furthermore, the stance is improved by lowering the vehicle with 30mm. Irmscher Astra GTC stands on enormous 21” alloy wheels fitted with low profile 245 tires. Th

2012 opel combo

2012 Opel Combo

Opel has introduced the new generation Combo, which offers clever solutions in the compact van segment. It comes in a wide range of variants, is technically advanced, exceptionally economical and provides maximum utility. The panel van version now offers a choice of two wheelbases – 2 755 mm or 3 105 mm - giving an overall vehicle length of 4.39 and 4.74 meters respectively, as well as two roof heights, 1.85 m or 2.10 m. The new Opel Combo is also available as a versatile car-van, with five