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opel adam r2 concept debuts at geneva motor show

Opel Adam R2 Concept Debuts At Geneva Motor Show

Opel Adam Cup added to the range of the brand’s motorsport cars with its debut in November last year. However, at the Geneva Motor Show Opel will presents Adam R2 Concept, which is built on the Cup version and will undergo final development and homologation during 2013. Opel Adam R2 aims to add a step further to the motorsport strategy by offering a top-class vehicle for international customer rallying. In addition, it will be also eligible for every national championship in Europe. The R2 rally variant is

2013 opel zafira tourer 2.0 cdti biturbo - 195hp and 400nm

2013 Opel Zafira Tourer 2.0 CDTI BiTurbo - 195HP and 400Nm

Opel has presented the new 2013 Zafira Tourer 2.0 CDTI BiTurbo. This is the fastest diesel-powered seven-seater in the compact van segment in the world. With a price of €35,405, it is one of the most expensive, too. The 2.0 liter CDTI BiTurbo has 195HP (143 kW) and 400Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. 0-100 km/h in 8.

jms opel astra j gtc coupe shows exclusive styling

JMS Opel Astra J GTC Coupe Shows Exclusive Styling

JMS Opel Astra J GTC Coupe is now in the form of a real vehicle after the design concept that the tuning team from JMS has done few months ago. The specialists have eventually built the first example featuring a new tuning kit. The latter comprises of new front lip spoiler with integrated diffuser, which fits easily

opel's new engine - 1.6 cdti with 136hp and 320nm

Opel's new engine - 1.6 CDTI with 136HP and 320Nm

Opel has introduced a new four-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine. The 1.6-liter CDTI ECOTEC diesels will replace existing 1.7-liter engines. The 1.6 liter CDTI Ecotec boasts nice performance and super-low fuel consumption. It features closed-loop combustion control and an aluminum block. This is the first diesel from Opel to comply with future EURO 6 emissions requirements. It will be also available in a variety of power outputs across several carlines. The all-new 1.6 CDTI also boasts class-leading attenuati

opel adam cup to race along with opel astra cup

Opel Adam Cup to Race Along with Opel Astra Cup

The famous Opel brand is going to return to the motor racing with the new Opel Adam Cup and new Opel Astra OPC. The goal of the company is to make a new model which is both technically sophisticated and reasonably priced, and at the same time which provides a good platform for young ambitious drivers to continuously develop their talent. The first step towards this goal is the rally cup version of the new Opel ADAM, which has been closely specified to FIA R2 standards. Moreover, it will be utilized in the 2013 s

vauxhall corsa achieves 85.6 mpg efficiency result

Vauxhall Corsa Achieves 85.6 MPG Efficiency Result

2012 Vauxhall Corsa is more economical than ever achieving 85.6mpg while emitting just 88g/km. The environmentally friendly car is equipped with 95 hp (70 kW) 1.3CDTI ecoFLEX Start/Stop engine which contributes to the numbers delivered. Furthermore, some additional improvements have been made in order to minimize th

a wide spectrum of weitec suspension systems

A Wide Spectrum of Weitec Suspension Systems

Whenever in need of suspension bits and pieces, two names should...spring to your mind – KW Automotive and Weitec (by KW Automotive). We've always felt that someplace desolate hides a great storage house (think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull type of installment... you know, with the big storage house part that... never mind). So at that place, KW stockpiles springs and shocks and all kinds of coilover kits. A shopping cart can be hooked up with a suspension if it was up to them. What we hav

buick verano comes to europe under the disguise of 2013 opel astra

Buick Verano comes to Europe under the disguise of 2013 Opel Astra

2013 Opel Astra Sedan is a notchback based on the GM’s Delta II platform. It was designed initially in US and Asia and at first was included in the Buick Excelle GT and then in Buick Verano. Now, the platform is going to be included in the Atra line-up whixh is scheduled to go on sale in Europe later this month. The new Opel model is going to be offered with literally a wide range of engine choices. In fact, seven powerplants are going to be

are hydrogen cars the alternative vehicle of the future?

Are hydrogen cars the alternative vehicle of the future?

This weeks “fresh and clean” topic will put more attention on hydrogen vehicles as many of us might not be completely aware about them. I’m going to discuss how they work and are they beneficial for the environment, and in addition - I will resume some of their disadvantages. Nowadays many people become more c

opel insignia opc by mr car design

Opel Insignia OPC by MR Car Design

We will maintain that these days it's rather rare to see a pumped up Opel. More specifically, an Insignia. That is why we deem this Insignia OPC by MR Car Design as a really good find. OPC is used to distinguish a production performance Opel Insignia from a standard model. But it is more than visible that someone has been tinkering with this one. At the very least, the ride is low. Way too low. In fact so low that even a roadkill will be seen as a threat while on the move. It is, what it is the

2012 rieger opel corsa d

2012 Rieger Opel Corsa D

The German based auto-design and tuning company named Riger has just launched a new project. The work of the professionals was on an Opel Corsa, which now, after the modification, looks outstanding! To be more precise 2012 Rieger Opel Corsa D has received a new bodykit. It gives the vehicle the following equipment: spoiler lip, spoiler splitter, side skirts and a rear skirt extension. What is specific here is that all parts are produced in ABS plastic. The spoiler splitter, the side skirts a

opel ampera to debut at rally monte carlo

Opel Ampera to Debut at Rally Monte Carlo

The Car of the Year 2012 – Opel Ampera, will take part in one of the most exciting rallies this year - nmely Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally. This happens for the first time in Opel’s history. The brand is providing award-winning electric car model for the prestigious international Rally Monte Carlo. Exactly six examples of Opel Ampera will make their debut in the “Alternative Energy” rally. The racing will take place in Annecy-le-Vieux, Clermont-Ferrand and Lugano on March 22 and will finish thre