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2015 toyota aurion is further upgraded and tuned, but the price remains the same!

2015 Toyota Aurion is Further Upgraded and Tuned, but the Price Remains the Same!

Toyota brings even more features for the Aurion model, but the prices stay the same. The vehicle now will come with increased safety technologies, style and better overall performance. Toyota team really has a lot to offer with the old-new model. So let us see what it has to offer. Now, the Aurion model is geared with numerous airbags, rear cames and with stability and traction control systems, special brake system and a special air-conditione

2015 toyota hilux will be even more powerful and more confident

2015 Toyota Hilux Will be Even More Powerful And More Confident

Toyota team is ready to take the HiLux mode to the next level with the premiere of the latest next-gen model. The global debut will be staged simultaneously in Australia and Thailand and what the latest HiLux model has to offer is advanced safety, comfort and convenience features. Additional features will include an even stronger frame, four powerplants, improved towing capacity and payloads of up to 1240kg. And as always, Toyota team will demons

toyota and mazda teamed up one more time!

Toyota and Mazda Teamed Up One More Time!

Toyota Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation entered an agreement to creat a mutually beneficial partnership. Booth brands will be leveraging resources to enhance each other's production and boost technological development. Both Toyota and Mazda will go to the end result of offering even better and more appealing cars, that will meet all the needs of customers all around the world. There will be also a joint committee, that will set up to elavuate each brand's strengths. It will also encourage broad and mean

toyota with new grade for the verso seven-seater

Toyota with new Grade for the Verso Seven-Seater

Toyota’s compact MPV is called Verso and it is now getting a brand new grade - Trend Plus. It will benefit from a lot of technology features, efficient engines and attractive characteristics. The seven-seater offers a variety of seating and storage configurations and this is why it is the perfect family car. The other reason is the technology equipment. Interior Besides the leather upholstery for the front and second row seats, other interior features include the Toyota Touch 2 with Go touchscreen-controlled mu

toyota celebrates its own

Toyota Celebrates its own "New Year"

As you suppose, the Toyota GT86 is not a car for standing still. And it goes ahead to mark brand's "new year" with redesigned lineup and additional features. But don't worry, this Toyota is still the best in its class and probably one of the best vehicles for its money. The GT86 comes with refreshed wheels and wider range of colors. And the range-topping Aero model comes with gloss black 18-inch rims and it is available with GT86 Orange finish. And in harmony with customer's preference the Ae

toyota rav4 will be tamed by ryan millen himself for the upcoming 2wd-open class

Toyota RAV4 Will be Tamed by Ryan Millen Himself for the Upcoming 2WD-Open Class

Toyota showed the RAV4 rally vehicle at the Monster Energy Supercross Championship this weekend at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. The driver is Ryan Millen himself. As you know, Millen won the 2014 Baja 1000 in Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. Now he will drive the RAV4 at various stages. The RAV4 was unveiled between races to display pits throughout the event. Despite the fact, that competing RAV4 in professional races is a rare sight, now Toyota's ent

2016 toyota mirai will take place at nascar series race

2016 Toyota Mirai Will Take Place At NASCAR Series Race

Toyota revealed the 2016 Toyota Mirai, which is, as you know a hydrogen-driven electric car. The vehicle will take place at the Toyota Owner 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Richmond International Raceday on April, 15. The green light, given to the Mirai means, that the 2016 model will lead the Sprint Cup Series to the

toyota hilux gets tougher with dezent

Toyota Hilux Gets Tougher with Dezent

When details are scarce about a project this doesn’t mean that it does not deserves attention. This is the case with this Hilux, which has just received a minor update from the specialists at Dezent. Equipped with a four-wheel drive and almost invincible, this car is capable of conquering any terrain. In general, the Hilux is powered by a 3.0-litre D-4D diesel engine, which produces 169 hp (124 kW). The unit is connected to a five-speed manual transmission as a standard, but it could also g

toyota is ready to celebrate earth day

Toyota is Ready To Celebrate Earth Day

There was a time, nearly 15 years ago, when a small and unknown hybrid, named Prius was shown to the world, to celebrate Earth Day. Today, in 2015 year, the redesigned hybrid will be shown in Washington D.C. to demonstrate the next-gen technology and gadgets. Which is the hybrid you ask? The one and only Toyota Mirai.  Toyota team colaborates with Earth Day Network to support and sponsor the Citizen 2015 Earth Day, that, as you know is between 17 and 19 August. The celebration will feature l

toyota is ready for world endurance championship

Toyota is Ready for World Endurance Championship

Toyota Racing is prepared to defend their title on the World Endurance Championship in Silverstone (10 to 12 April). Let us remind you, that the Toyota team dominated the last championship and claimed five wins out of eight. It is expected to be a hard defense, because the rivals at Audi and Porsche team are also motivated to show their best. Actually, there is an addition to the team: Kazuki Nakajima (Japan). The Toyota crew also looks forward to keeping the RAC International Tourist Trophy, which is one of the

forza horizon 2 now with furious 7 car pack [video]

Forza Horizon 2 now with Furious 7 Car Pack [VIDEO]

Remember when we told you the story behind the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T from Furious 7? Well, the great news for today is that you are actually given the chance to drive it. At least virtually, since the car has made its debut in Forza Horizon 2, the strenuous Xbox One game. The other good news is that it is actually par

toyota reveals redesigned turbocharged engine lineup

Toyota Reveals Redesigned Turbocharged Engine Lineup

Toyota is ready to reveal the second turbocharged entry with a lineup of engines, that are especially built for thermal and fuel consumption efficiency. The upgraded 8NR-FTS 1.2-Liter turbo engine will be optional for the redesigned Auris , that, in fact, is on sale in Japan. The 8-NR-FTS is part of the brands strategy