As you suppose, the Toyota GT86 is not a car for standing still. And it goes ahead to mark brand's "new year" with redesigned lineup and additional features. But don't worry, this Toyota is still the best in its class and probably one of the best vehicles for its money.

The GT86 comes with refreshed wheels and wider range of colors. And the range-topping Aero model comes with gloss black 18-inch rims and it is available with GT86 Orange finish. And in harmony with customer's preference the Aero is now available with six-speed manual transmission. Large alloys are also included on the GT86 model.

The thing, that hasn't been changed is the GT86 dynamic pack: it includes the well-known2.0-liter boxter engine, low center of gravity, rear-wheel drive system and balanced chassis to ensure incredible driving experience.  The changed parts include the more environmentally friendly engine, that complies with all Euro 6 emission standards.

But this is not the end for GT86. There will be special models, that will join and expand the range this summer. In fact, the 2016 GT86 will be available for order and customer support in mid-July. This will be definitely a thrilling wait. Staytuned for further details.

Source: Toyota