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volkswagen releases a video teaser of the ces concept car

Volkswagen Releases a Video Teaser of the CES Concept Car

After having released the first official teaser image of the CES concept car in the mid of December, Volkswagen has uploaded on their official YouTube Channel a video showing a little bit more of the vehicle. The company also stated that the “Internet of Things is making our cars more and more intelligent”. This le

volkswagen has great gifts for the polo, golf gt and r-line, and passat models

Volkswagen Has Great Gifts for the Polo, Golf GT and R-Line, and Passat Models

Volkswagen has released generously-equipped Polo Match model, which comes to replace the famous SE trim. In addition the high-spec Golf GT Edition and R-Line Edition replace the GT and R-Line trims, while the new Passat SE Business comes to offer more functional upgrades including the Discover Navigation. Here are the details. Volkswagen Polo Match  The car adds extra style and function. As mentioned it comes on the place of the popular SE tri

volkswagen allstar special editions celebrate 2016 uefa

Volkswagen Allstar Special Editions Celebrate 2016 UEFA

Volkswagen has just released a very cool new range of special editions called Allstar. It is inspired by football and comes to celebrate the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Unfortunately, the cars were introduced to Germany only, despite that the beautiful images show a photo-session in Paris. And there are still no d

golf gti cabriolet and the fairytale of a completely unnecessary facelift

Golf GTI Cabriolet and the Fairytale of a Completely Unnecessary Facelift

VW comes with exclusive version for its hot cabrio model. Along with the minor exterior changes, there are also some sweet additions made in the cabin. First of all, the vehicle demonstrates red brake calipers, restyled bumpers and slightly modified side extensions. Definitely not some dramatic changes which makes us question whether this "facelift" was indeed necessary. Other exterior changes include the new 17-inch Brooklyn alloy wheels or t

volkswagen teases a mysterious electric vehicle ahead of ces debut

Volkswagen Teases a Mysterious Electric Vehicle Ahead of CES Debut

Volkswagen has just released a mysterious teaser image of what seems to be a big in size vehicle, which will be introduced at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The event will take place from 6th till 9th of January in Las Vegas. The new concept will be entirely new and unseen so far and will illustrate the major changes that Volkswagen is going to set through the next few years. The details revealed are scarce, but what the compa

volkswagen expands scirocco lineup with two special edition models

Volkswagen Expands Scirocco Lineup With Two Special Edition Models

Volkswagen's "kerb appeal" of the incredible new Scirocco sports coupe has caught audience's eye since its release. And there is no other way: with its distinctive exterior appearance and massive, wide and low stance, this third-gen model really deserves its attention. And now Volkswagen team boosts Scirocco's desirability with two special editions that add extra styling features and enhanced performance rates. The two additions to Scirocco's

ingo noak tuning team granted golf vi with special attention

Ingo Noak Tuning Team Granted Golf VI With Special Attention

Recently, the world of motorsport and automobile tuning witnessed the arrival of new terms and names: Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, Rauh-Welt Bergiff. This all means that there are numerous premium vehicles that receive even more interesting and exclusive tuning. For example, in Japan and US often there are conventions that are implemented by angle-grinder maiming of the vehicles, but it was about time someone prove the opposite. And this is indeed

vw reveals the stunning golf gte sport concept

VW Reveals the Stunning Golf GTE Sport Concept

Volkswagen of America, Inc. will demonstrate the Golf GTE Sport Concept at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. This special car really blurs the lines between road and motorsport vehicle, because of its incredible drivetrain system, body and interior features. In fact, this is one of the few, if not only one pure sports car that incorporates an advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain. But this is not just an advanced hybrid unit. It provides a total of zero emissions. How cool is that? So, let's check it out! The

volkswagen beetle denim: more attractive than the dune?

Volkswagen Beetle Denim: More Attractive than the Dune?

Volkswagen Beetle Denim is here to pay tribute to the legendary Beetle Jeans model from the 70s. The car has just been launched in the United States with the aim to offer a modern take on the model. Since it is a special edition, it is logical that it will be produced in a limited run. Precisely, its exclusive design e

2016 volkswagen dune is here!

2016 Volkswagen Dune Is Here!

Volkswagen of America, Inc announced the production version of the 2016 Beetle Dune that will go on sale early in 2016. Influenced by the classic Baja Bugs, the automobile will join the Beetle team with additional trim levels and numerous additions. What is most noticeable about the latest Dune is the refined sporty look, the new front bumpers and the additional central air intaker. There is also a black honeycomb screen with aluminum-look surrounds that morphs into the front skid plate. Furt

2016 volkswagen jetta by momo will debut at 2015 sema

2016 Volkswagen Jetta by MOMO Will Debut at 2015 SEMA

What will happen to the 2016 VW Jetta GLI 2.0T  if it is tweaked by MOMO team? The answer is quite satisfactory. The lucky vehicle now comes with numerous upgrades and mainly driver-focused technology and functionality changes. First of all, the exterior strikes with the sweet 19-inch MOMO light alloy road wheels,

volkswagen reveals the limited amarok atacama edition

Volkswagen Reveals the Limited Amarok Atacama Edition

Volkswagen Amarok Atacama Limited Edition has just been unveiled and there are two sad news about it. First, this is the only picture that Volkswagen has released and secondly, this particular model will be distributed strictly across the United Kingdom. One of the main identifying features of the new Amarok Atacama