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Volvo News

volvo team shows what

Volvo Cars has just showed its latest concept at the Shanghai Auto Show, that definitely takes the meaning of the word 'luxurious' on the next level. Named "The Lounge Console", the concept offers the chauffeur-driven customers a really comfort and stylish place to relax, while driving to the desired destination. The Volvo engineers made a special research, just to be even more-precise to what has the brand to offer to the high-profile lifestyle customers. The end result, as you can see for yourself, is a stunni

volvo is ready to unveil yet another hybrid

Volvo Cars is ready to reveal the world's first seven-seat vehicle, that is a plug-in hybrid. The ride will be first introduced in the United States and the model is XC90 T8 Twin Engine. The hybrid is powered with Volvo's 2.0-Liter supercharged and turbocharged Drive-E powreplant and with a rear axle electric motor. With the cooperative power of both power supplies the car is capable of producing 394 hp (289 kW) and goes from 0-68 mph in 5.7 seconds. The brand's latest model will come with three selectable drivi

volvo expands the hybrid line

Volvo vehicles continue global expansion with the premium hybrid S60L T6 Twin Engine. The latest member of the family was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. As you know, Volvo brand is a pioneer in the field of hybrid engine systems. In fact, Volvo is the first company to present a plug-in hybrid and a diesel engine in such application. The proudly crafted S60L shows a Drive-E four-cylinder 2-Liter petrol engine, that is connected to rear-axle drive electric motor, further powered with an 11

volvo redefines excellence with luxury xc90 edition

Are you looking inside of a Rolls-Royce? No. This is Volvo’s XC90 Excellence. The other shocking news is that it has been prepared to debut at the Shanghai International Automobile Show, so we won’t have the chance to get our hands on it. It is actually very sad news, because this is Swedish company’s most luxuri

volvo introduces s60 inscription luxury model in detroit

Volvo is introducing at the Detroit Auto Show the new S60 Inscription model, which comes with extra spacious interior and luxury design. It focuses on elegance and comfort and it is specifically aimed to meet the requirements of U.S. customers. The “Inscription” designation takes the S60 to a higher level in terms

volvo depicts the future with the s60 cross country

With the unveiling of the exciting S60 Cross Country at the Detroit Auto Show, Volvo Cars is trying to satisfy the customers’ requirements and their expectations. Delving into deeper levels of the automotive world with the Cross Country brand, the manufacturer seeks to offer one completely different and unique on

all-new volvo xc90 t8 twin engine: the most powerful and cleanest suv around the world

When creating the Volvo XC90 T8, the automaker climbs one step up in the automotive industry. The car is not deprived of any quality and performance features. On the contrary, it demonstrates sufficient stability, dynamics and class. The spacious 7-seater SUV delivers 400hp and a peak torque of 640Nm combined with ultra-low emissions of 59g/km (TBC). With such power, the SUV can speed up to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.9 seconds which is prett

impressive crash prevention system by volvo

City Safety becomes one of the most developed, useful and enhanced crash prevention system which is standard in the all-new Volvo XC90. The system is active at all speeds from 4 km/h (2.5 mph) and it turns into the umbrella name for all Volvo’s auto brake functions. The purpose of the Volvo City Safety system is to help and guide the driver by using an intuitive warning method as well as a brake support system. In a situation when the driver cannot respond right away, the system will provide automatic bra

the all-new volvo xc90: one of the safest cars worldwide

Among the most important characteristics of a car is its safety. Volvo Cars’ all-new XC90 has fully comprehended the significance of this virtue and therefore has implemented it very successfully which labels the car as one of the safest vehicles in the world. Dr Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research

volvo to offer simulated test drive of xc90 using google cardboard

Volvo Cars is going to be the first automotive manufacturer which will use Google Cardboard in order to make a thorough change in the way different businesses enable their audiences to experience a certain product. This transformation will be realized through the lens of virtual reality via Google Cardboard. Starting at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volvo is inviting auto and innovation enthusiasts to go through a ground-breaking test-drive of

game on: volvo fh truck racing against koenigsegg one:1

Setting a massive eight-tonne Volvo FH against one of the fastest cars around the world, precisely Koenigsegg One:1, may sound a bit like a joke. Except that it is not. The question though is why? If it is for the spectacular part, no doubt it is going to be spectacular. Not every day you can see Hulk against The

2015 volvo xc90 unveils improved multi-filter that enhances interior air quality

CleanZone is a clever and unique approach developed by Volvo Cars which is designed to control the quality of the interior air and to provide a better driving environment through groundbreaking solutions for improved well-being and health. Drivers are enabled to breathe more easily because even the tiniest and microscopic dust particles will now be kept out. The multi-filter which is created specifically for the SPA platform, will first app