inden design mercedes-benz sls amg borrasca

INDEN Design Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Borrasca

In Spanish Borasca means storm and thunderstorm, and this was the name given by INDEN Design to their latest projcet. They have transformed the iconic Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster model. The designers confirm that it was tough to modify something that already has an inherent perfection. Fot this reason a good number of minor but highly effective „touches“ has been done on the sophisticated outer shell of this Mercedes-Benz. First of all, in order to imrpve the aerodynamics of the vehicke, INDEN Design i

inden design mercedes-benz sls amg: where fashion and tuning meets

Inden Design Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: where fashion and tuning meets

The new Inden Design Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG shows great style and powerful stance. However, it tells a story not not only about that. It serves the purpose to be „co-acting“ star next to photo model Katja Runiello in her latest photoshoot. The beautiful model, dancer and actor is a well known personality, since her appearance in the RTL television series “The Bachelor”. SLS AMG’s popularity can be described simply by two words: „liv

inden design challenge the sls amg gullwing

Inden Design Challenge the SLS AMG Gullwing

The 1954 Mercedes Benz SL 300 is an icon. Back then it was the first street car ever to feature direct fuel injection. Because of that it was also the fastest. It performed with poise and grace and it looked like supermodel. Today AMG have done a good job to commemorate it with the SLS but being Mercedes Benz descendants, one would imagine that the would do so naturally. However, now Inden Design have dared to intervene and try to improve upon the SLS itself. AMG have already fitted a 6.2-liter V8 which develops

inden-design mercedes s500

INDEN-Design Mercedes S500

INDEN-Design Mercedes S500 is the latest masterpiece conversion by the noble specialist, which transforms the exclusive luxury sedan to mirror the stellar look of the facelift version of the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG and even more. The INDEN-styled S500 boasts modified front, side sills and rear diffuser, as well as a sleek charcoal-gray matte foliation. Additionally, a daytime running lights system, new tail lights and mirrors have been further mounted on the tweaked eye-catcher. In the terms

Inden Design refined Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

Inden Design developed whole package for Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG R230 facelift. The upgrades feature performance package, complete body kit, set of unique wheels and improved suspension. The prices are as stunning as the car itself. You can start with the body kit, which includes a new front bumper with spoiler, ventilated hood and fenders, side skirts, rear apron, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler – €19 900. Only the carbon fiber hood costs €3 500 on top and the same material can be used on the rear di

Inden-Design presents ICECUBE Materia

The Inden-Design Tuner has a quite experience in tuning of Daihatsu cars.  One of their latest projects is ICECUBE, which is based on Daihatsu Materia and features new paint, complete body kit, new wheels, sports exhaust system and some interior upgrades. Materia received VIP painting in matt white for „just” 5 500 Euro giving the car unique individual optics. The vehicle is equipped with entire body kit consisting of an extension set for 448,00 Euro, original front bumper with integra

INDEN-Design Mercedes-Benz SL 500

INDEN Design creates tuning kits specially for Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. One of their latest work is SL 500 Inden-Design. SL 500 gets whole new body-kit from SL 65 AMG. To complete the sporty appearance the car is equipped with huge specially-designed wheels with dimensions 10,5Jx20" at the front and 11,75Jx20" at the rear fitted with 255/30-20 and 305/25-20 high-performance Pirelli tyres. The pose of the car is very important so the SL 500 Inden-Design is equipped with adjustable ABC-sport

inden-design mercedes-benz 560 se - real gangster getaway car

INDEN-Design Mercedes-Benz 560 SE - real gangster getaway car

INDEN-Design is a true vehicle specialist with traditions. Today, they are taking us to a journey through the decades by showing us the first INDEN-Desing refined Mercedes. No question, the S-Class from 1983 is a milestone in the Mercedes-Benz history, a milestone which was completely rebuilt in 1991 by INDEN-Design. Still today, the design constructed by INDEN looks athletic and really impressive. With the deeply roaring 386 hp and the 6-lit