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dotz shift shows a sporty volkswagen beetle

Dotz Shift Shows a Sporty Volkswagen Beetle

Dotz Shift Volkswagen Beetle shines in brand new “shoes” that lend it even more dramatic and sporty appearance than before. Precisely, its new wheels are called “shine” and are delivered by the talented wheels and rims specialists at Dotz Shift. They are the sporty choice for compact and mid-sized cars due to their impressive design. Just take a look at the star pattern, formed by even slender, edgy double spokes. This makes the wheels look lightweight and at the same time aggressive, while the

dotz shift volkswagen passat freeride si

Dotz Shift Volkswagen Passat Freeride si

Dotz Shift Volkswagen Passat Freeride si is a very simple project which looks stunning. This is because the wheels and rims specialists at Dotz Shift have supplied it with Dotz Freeride si. These are all-year rims with its five spokes and the shiny silver coating that makes it a true eye-catcher. The customizers promise that they can endure driving fin for every season. They have dynamic construction with the asymmetric design elements at the outer rim as well as minimalist structure. As men

dotz shift celebrates golf's 35th anniversary with gti edition 35

Dotz Shift Celebrates Golf's 35th Anniversary With GTI Edition 35

We have seen already couple of projects in the past two months by Dotz Shift and we were impressed. To keep the good speed the designers has released their third project, which comes to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the emblematic Volkswagen Golf. As a standard, the GTI has been equipped with 235 horsepower (173 kW) and delivers a fueal economy rated at 8.1L/100km. Dotz Shift decided to give more power to the car in order to celebrate its 35 years of history making. Thus, they have adap

bmw 135i coupe gets some extras from rieger tuning and dotz shift

BMW 135i Coupe Gets Some Extras From Rieger Tuning And Dotz Shift

BMW 135i Coupe is definitely a dream car for many. The compact car comes with a standard M chassis and 306 horsepower (225 kW) unit. The presented vehicle has been firstly enhanced by the tuners at Rieger Tuning. They had the goal to push the car to an even sportier level. What this means is that they have added to this BMW KW coilovers and new elements such as a spoiler bumper, side skirt, rear valance and 4- pipe rear silencer. The result is more powerful look for this beautiful 135i Coupe.

pure sports feeling: dotz shift toyota gt86

Pure Sports Feeling: Dotz Shift Toyota GT86

The iconic Toyota GT86, the latest version of which was introduced back in 2012, has fallen in the hands of the German based tuners at Dotz Shift. They decided to enhance their dynamic pearl white version of the car, thus making it delivering the purest sports feeling. As a reminder, this Toyota is driven by a 200 hp (147 kW) 2L flat engine which ensures its Japanese-racing qualities. Regarding the refinement, the specialists have equipped the car with TRD body kit that adds onto the architec