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isuzu at35 hits dealers on 25th of july! what should we expect?

Isuzu AT35 hits dealers on 25th of July! What should we expect?

Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, considered to be brand's most off-road capable machine created so far, goes on sale on 25 July. Engineered to excel in harsh road and weather situations, the vehicle will almost impeccably meet all demands and requirements of farmers and rural workers all around the globe. And how it would not do so: with titanic 35-inch wheels and tyres, 290mm ground clearance and rut-busting approach, the AT35 pushes the off-road segment conventional beliefs to their limits.

isuzu team showcases the latest and greatest d-max at35 pickup lineup

Isuzu team showcases the latest and greatest D-Max AT35 pickup lineup

Isuzu launches the most extreme D-Max to enrich the already comprehensive model lineup. The fresh and new D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is especially designed to tackle down all the challenges that the road and weather can offer. Available in double-cab or extended-cab configurations, the AT35 is the most versatile vehicle that Isuzu can offer. So, what else does this sweetie offer? Let's find out! Exterior and interior styling The interior protects occupants from potentially hazardous condition

isuzu d-max fury and its tasty offerings

Isuzu D-Max Fury And Its Tasty Offerings

Isuzu UK has ensured that the recently announced special edition D-Max Fury will storm the market with highly affordable price. The vehicle will go on sale in September and there will be a special program with special contract offers. The flexible and modern-looking, yet affordable Fury comes with tasty Magma Red Metallic finish, bold 17-inch five-spoke grey alloy wheels, dark grey metallic finish to the grille and Cosmic Black door and tailgate handled. The sweet vehicle will also include Gu

isuzu d-max becomes a flagship with a special edition

Isuzu D-Max Becomes a Flagship with a Special Edition

Isuzu D-Max became the permanent flagship model in company’s pick-up range. To celebrate this, Isuzu has released a special edition version called Blade. It was inspired by a version released last year but includes even more styling features and numerous improvements. The 4x4 double cab will be offered in two paint schemes: Cosmic Black and Pearlescent White. You should also mind that the last one is an option and will cost you some additional money. Long list of versatile enhancements, featu

isuzu introduces d-max yukon extended cab

Isuzu Introduces D-Max Yukon Extended Cab

Isuzu D-Max Yukon Extended Cab is another addition to the popular D-Max pick-up range. It not only has the adaptability of a pick-up, but being a Yukon specification, it is also a luxury equipped. The extended cab configuration includes as a standard front seats, behind which one can see a large load area. There is positioned fold-down rear bench. The new variant will be available from October this year and has been entered to the market as a direct response to customers’ feedback. As a stand

isuzu d-max blade is a special edition pick-up

Isuzu D-Max Blade Is A Special Edition Pick-Up

Isuzu has enhanced its pick-up range with the addition of a special edition vehicle called Isuzu D-Max Blade. The model is based on the D-Max, and is equipped with a wide range of unique style features and technology upgrades. D-Max Blade is driven by the powerful 2.5-litre twin-turbo diesel engine, which generates up to 163 hp (120 kW) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. Despite this power, the vehicle is capable of returning great fuel economy of just 38.2 mpg (combined). The engine can be ma

2012 isuzu d-max - range of new accessories

2012 Isuzu D-Max - Range of New Accessories

Isuzu UK has announced their new range of competitively-priced accessories for its acclaimed D-Max pick-up truck. The range of new accessories will debut at the 2013 Commercial Vehicle Show (9-13 April) at the NEC, Birmingham. They include a variety of stylish, practical and capability-boosting enhancements, all conceived to make the Isuzu D-Max the perfect choice for the most demanding business or recreational pick-up owner. The new Isuzu D-Max range includes single, extended (with rear-

isuzu d-max eiger equipped with work and work plus accessory packs

Isuzu D-Max Eiger Equipped With Work And Work Plus Accessory Packs

Isuzu D-Max Eiger pick-up can now optionally be specified with fully-fitted ‘Work’ or ‘Work Plus’ accessory packs, which will add wide range of features, comfort and style to the vehicle. First, the ‘Work’ pack includes a tow bar, a payload liner, front and rear rubber mats and waterproof front seat covers. Secondly, the ‘Work Plus’ package offers super-tough, premium BF Goodrich All-Terrain tyres in addition to the ‘Work’ pack. In fact, the Isuzu D-Max Eiger specification is part of the ‘

isuzu dakar d-max set to compete in the famous rally

Isuzu Dakar D-Max Set to Compete in the Famous Rally

Isuzu D-Max Dakar is one of the most spectacular and powerful pick-ups ever built, and it will participate in the Dakar Rally - one of the most gruelling races on earth. The event will happen in January next year. The vehicle is based on the production Isuzu D-Max 4x4 double-cab, but it has increased performance due to the new 3.0-litre (2,994cc) 16-valve common-rail turbo diesel engine. It produces output of 242 horsepower (178 kW) and 589 Nm (435 lb-ft) of torque. The powerplant is matched

2012 isuzu d-max pick-up to be seen on the roads from july

2012 Isuzu D-Max pick-up to be seen on the roads from July

2012 Isuzu D-Max pick-up goes on sale with a starting price for the market in the United Kingdom of £14 499. In addition to that all the customers there will benefit from a unique-in-class five-year / 120 000-mile warranty offered by Isuzu. The exact date when the new D-Max will be seen on roads is the 1st of July. This is when the first deliveries will take place. And with the amazing warranty it has it will undoubtedly satisfy its customers, by giving them peace of mind for longer than any

isuzu d-max a hit at the cv show

Isuzu D-Max a Hit At the CV Show

CV stands for Commercial Vehicle and we usually do not muster much interest in such conventions. But every now and then, we stumble upon a pearl. It's the Isuzu D-Max which apparently is proving to be a big hit over there. More than 250 expressions of interest have been directed at Isuzu's stand. This can only help marque set itself apart from other manufacturers as a producer of reliable and durable pick-up trucks. It's versatile as well. One can go for the single cab design or the extended

2012 isuzu d-max uk - price £14 499

2012 Isuzu D-Max UK - Price £14 499

Isuzu has announced the price list for the all-new D-Max pick-up. The vehicle will be officially unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show (24 - 26 April at NEC, Birmingham). The new D-Max will hit the market from June available with four specification levels and, for the first time for Isuzu in the UK, with an extended cab body configuration – featuring rear-opening side-access panels – joining the single and double cab variants. The entry-level Isuzu D-Max is priced from £14 499 for the singl