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vilner land rover defender experience -

Vilner Land Rover Defender Experience - "The Twins"

Land Rover Defenders are commonly valued for their unmatched off-road capabilities and extreme toughness. People who buy these iconic machines usually apply their qualities in exotic adventures or work in heavy terrain conditions. There are probably also people who see Land Rovers as accommodating and functional too, but never luxurious. However, there are wealthy people who are not ready to sacrifice their comfort and luxurious surroundings, in order to experience the Defender in its element

2012 land rover defender price £20 995

2012 Land Rover Defender Price £20 995

Land Rover has announced its new 2012 Defender, which comes with EURO 5 2.2 litre common rail diesel engine replacing the old EU4 2.4 litre unit. Still, besides the smaller capacity, the new engine delivers the same amount of power, torque and the economy is even better. In EU5 markets, the new engine comes with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) to ensure the lowest possible levels of regulated emissions. "The substantial improvements to the Defender in 2007 transformed its on-road refinem

2011 Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition

At the Brussels Motor Show, Land Rover has revealed its staggering, edgy 2011 Defender X-Tech Limited Edition. Showcasing raw and vigor styling backed by the brand’s renowned class-leading all-terrain capability, the new 2011 Defender X-Tech Limited Edition boasts Zermatt Silver finished exterior contrasted by Santorini Black shade on the roof and wheel arches. Furthermore, on the outside, the special edition Land Rover Defender is also packed with a set of the sleek 16-inch gloss black Saw T

STARTECH to premiere Defender 90 Yachting Edition at Essen 2010

An exclusive Land Rover Defender 90 Yachting Edition is one of the projects which STARTECH plans to showcase at this weekend’s starting Essen Motor Show in Germany. As the name suggests, the skillfully enhanced off-road utility vehicle benefits from extraordinary classic yacht styled interior ambience further reinforced by premium, navy-blue leather/Alcantara upholstery with contrasting white baseball-style cross stitching and high-end Recaro sport seats. On the outside, the STARTECH Land Rov

Land Rover Discovery is celebrating 20 years on the market

Land Rover Discovery hit the twenty. Born at 16th of November 1989, the well known all-purpose vehicle is celebrating 20 years of success on the market. Developed originally to plug the gap between the striking Defender and the top-of-the-lux Range Rover, Discovery soon became the most versatile model in the brand’s line-up. "The Discovery legend has been built on innovative design and advanced technology. From the introduction of high-efficiency direct-injection diesel technology into the 4x