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custom kahn land rover defender 110 makes impressive debut

Custom Kahn Land Rover Defender 110 Makes Impressive Debut

Kahn Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab Pick Up is this week’s offer by the famous British tuning company. The beautiful Defender is dressed in stylish Corris Grey exterior color and features a lot of styling tweaks that capture the attention. Abundantly modified, this Land Rover is an example for a good improvement when it comes to tuning. Looking at it, my first thoughts are that I would definitely love to drive it. So let’s see what happened to this Defender that has made it so charming.

land rover defender celebrates 70th anniversary with special model

Land Rover Defender Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Special Model

Land Rover celebrates its 67th year of production with a one-of-a-kind vehicle, that will also mark the two-millionth Series Land Rover and Defender in UK. With an unique design, created by a special team, the "Defender 2,000,000" is here to honor the almost of seventy years of Land Rover production in the Solihull plant, UK. Furthermore, in December this year collectors and Defender fans will have the opportunity to get the vehicle, when it is auctioned by the prestigious and globally renown

kahn reveals land rover defender xs 110 pick up in corris grey

Kahn Reveals Land Rover Defender XS 110 Pick Up in Corris Grey

Kahn Land Rover Defender XS 110 Pick Up is this week’s entry the talented tuner just sent us. For this project Kahn Design have worked closely with Chelsea Truck Company to create this truly unique Double Cab pickup based on the Defender 2.2 TDCI XS 110. Looking even more military than ever, this vehicle features all of the needed design elements to be called a masterpiece. Let’s se what the British experts have achieved this time. Exterior To begin with the “boxy” outer shell of this Kahn Lan

land rover reveals a special model for the 2015 rugby world cup

Land Rover Reveals A Special Model For the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Land Rover has finally revealed the Rugby World Cup 2015 Defender, which is an especially tweaked 110 Station Wagon to transport the Webb Ellis Cup on the special 100-day Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour throughout the UK and Ireland. As you know, Land Rover is a Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup for this year. The modified 110 Defender Station Wagon is built by Jaguar Land Rover's at the Oxford Road HQ  in Ryton, UK. For this year's Rugby World Cup, Defender demonstrates additional safety feat

flying huntsman family adds defender pick up

Flying Huntsman Family adds Defender Pick Up

At the Geneva Motor Show happened the big reveal of the Flying Huntsman. This is one of Kahn Design’s ultimate creations, which has gathered so many praises at the event. Now, the British tuner is unveiling the next member in the exclusive family of the Flying Huntsman. This time, the unique vehicle series got a pick-up among them. The car will be revealed at the Great British Land Rover Show at Donnington Park this Sunday. The Flying Huntsman 105 Pick Up is based on the two-door Defender 90

kahn mixes the defender with chelsea wide track

Kahn Mixes the Defender with Chelsea Wide Track

Chelsea Wide Track is a name which we usually see standing behind A. Kahn Design’s creations. This time, under the expertise of the tuner we see the favorite to many Land Rover Defender TDCI 90. The specialists have changed not only its face, giving it more muscular stance, but also added some exclusivity inside. At first, let’s take a look at the new design of the Defender. The team at Kahn replaced the original front bumper with new one that includes integrated lights, sump guard, mesh and

how would you rate this defender paul smith special edition?

How Would You Rate this Defender Paul Smith Special Edition?

The English fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith, has joined Land Rover for a special one-off project involving the legendary Defender. The vehicle has this unique stance due to the hand-finished artwork that was specifically created by company’s Special Vehicle Operations division. As you can see, this Defender is pretty much odd. However, it has been inspired by Britain and its countryside and by those vehicles used by the Armed Forces. The design is undoubtedly playful and includes details that c

kahn releases cwt pick up based on land rover defender

Kahn Releases CWT Pick Up based on Land Rover Defender

Chelsea Truck Company and Kahn Design have released a very stunning project that some of the female car enthusiasts might even find ugly. However, this car is for the guys. It is rough, aggressive and has this military stance. To go into details, the vehicle here is based on the latest edition of the Land Rover Defender. The tuners also call it Defender 2.4 TDCI 90 Pick Up Chelsea Wide Track. The military heritage of the vehicle is expressed via the Keswick Green exterior paint finish. On the

the amazing flying huntsman 110 wb 6x6 concept lands in geneva [video]

The Amazing Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6x6 Concept Lands in Geneva [VIDEO]

Last week we have promised to give you more information about a very special vehicle called the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6x6 Concept. This unique project is made by Kahn and it is based on the Land Rover Defender. Three examples of the six-wheeler were revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. And what we basically see is the redesigned front grille and bumper as well as a square sectioned wide arch body kit. As we have reported previously, the limited edition car has additional 400mm extension to the

flying huntsman 110 wb 6x6 concept debuts in geneva! go see it!

Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6x6 Concept Debuts in Geneva! Go See it!

Geneva Motor Show is around the corner and so is Kahn’s long-awaited project called the Flying Huntsman 110. It is no secret that the prototype will be officially revealed at the event and for this reason the tuner has sent us one last picture and some detailed information ahead of debut. The WB 6x6 coach-built concept is based on the Land Rover Defender 110 and also carries a codename "Mission 1". Will this concept challenge the rest of the automotive world - it is still a mystery, but it is

kahn releases barolo black land rover defender xs 110

Kahn Releases Barolo Black Land Rover Defender XS 110

The beginning of the week starts with two exceptional news about the Land Rover family of vehicles. The first one, which we will review below, is on A. Kahn Design’s latest project involving the Defender XS 110, and the second one we will keep in secret for the next hour. Ok, ok, it is about one of the most impressive cars in the segment, frequently adored by women and recently announced as a symbol of Britain. Have you guessed it? But, going back to the topic, the team of specialists at Kahn

the coolest 4x4 is kahn land rover defender chelsea wide track

The Coolest 4x4 is Kahn Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track

One of the coolest-looking 4x4’s out there is made by the British tuning company Kahn. It is based on the Land Rover Defender 2.4 TDCI XS 110 Double Cab Pick Up. With super-strong stance, this vehicle is not only one of the toughest, but also one of the most capable luxury automobiles one can find on the market. Adding to its beneficial credentials is the designation “Chelsea Wide Track” after its name. In details, the tuners have added to this Land Rover new front and rear wide wings with ve