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Volkswagen reveals the zero emission E-UP! Concept

Most of the cars released from VAG become hit on the market very fast. Because of their reliability, cheap price and nice exterior and interior. Hopefully the E-UP will be a successful, too. The small car is powered by an electric motor developing up to 81 PS and 154 lbs ft of torque. With this characteristics the E-UP! can accelerate to 100km/h in 11.3 seconds and the top speed is 135km/h. The overall weight of the vehicle is only 1,085kg of which 240 kilos are batteries. The maximum rang

renault introduces four electric concepts at iaa frankfurt

Renault introduces four electric concepts at IAA Frankfurt

Obviously the hard work in Renault brought some results. They stunned the visitors at the opening of IAA Frankfurt by showing four different electric concepts. The smallest of the vehicles is Twizy Z.E. Concept. It is a ultra-compact 1+1 seater with zero emissions city car. The electric motor develops 20hp and it is capable to run the small car up to 47mph. In the super-mini class Renault introduces Zoe Z.E. Concept. It is a full four seat car with 70kW motor for 100 mile range. Zoe Z.E. i

citroen revolte concept at the frankfurt motor show

Citroen Revolte Concept At The Frankfurt Motor Show

REVOLTe is inspired by the legendary 2CV. The new concept takes all key features of Citroen’s classic 2CV and in the same makes them better. The new REVOLTe is more luxurious, more intelligent and more sport orientated. REVOLTe measures just 3.68m long, 1.73m wide and 1.35m tall. It is a typical compact city car with aggressive style. But this car is not only futuristic exterior, but it is fashion and glamorous inside. The original and distinctive three-seater layout - driver’s seat to one

peugeot bb1 – zero emission car

Peugeot BB1 – Zero Emission car

Peugeot always have been making strange cars. The latest concept is BB1, which is 2.5 metres four-seater. The main target is a range of 75 miles only on electricity, which makes the BB1 Zero Emissions and entirely ECO-friendly car.  It is fitted with two electric motors mounted in the rear wheels, with maximum power of 7.5kW each (20hp totally). Recently a lot of manufacturers are developing engines with less fuel consumption and less harmful emissions, but these are petrol and diesel hybr

toyota auris hsd full hybrid concept

Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept

The best selling type of car in Europe is a five door hatchback, so developing a full hybrid Auris is a logical step by Toyota. The new concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. The main goal is achieving extraordinary low fuel consumption and emissions. The expected acceleration is around 10 seconds from 0 to 62 mph, which is good enough. The new Auris HSD is capable of doing up to 2km at speeds up to 31mph with zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions. This is e

2010 toyota prius plug-in hybrid concept

2010 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept

Many people believe that if they drive cars with less CO2 emissions, they will save the world from a global warming and may be they are right. That’s why Toyota put on production Toyota Prius, which is a hit on the market. But with advancing the technologies the cars got more fuel efficient with less harmful emissions, so Toyota will have to move forward and their new vehicle is called  Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept. Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in

Mercedes-Benz S 500 HYBRID

Recently, Mercedes-Benz hit the market with their S 400 Hybrid, which is very successful and most fuel-efficient car in its class. Now they will present the new S 500 Hybrid at IAA Frankfurt. The Vision S 500 Plug-in HYBRID can drive for up to 30 kilometres solely on electricity and therefore without producing any local emissions. The car has all strengths of a typical S-class: unique comfort, extraordinary safety and good performance. The drive system in the concept car consists of th

Lotus will introduce the Range Extender Engine at Frankurt Motor Show 2009

This is a 1.2 litre 3-cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder belt-driven engine. It produces 47bhp at 3500 rpm via integrated electrical generator and 107N/m of torque. Like all other manufacturers, Lotus also are targeted to hybrid vehicles. The Lotus Range Extender engine offers the advantage of a cost effective design, high efficiency and low mass and in the same time extended range. The main project is called “Limo-green” and it is a collaboration between Lotus Engineering, Jaguar Car

Rolls-Royce Ghost at Frankfurt Motor Show

When people talk about automobile luxury, they mean Rolls-Royce. These handbuilt cars are just perfect, attention is paid to every single detail. From the optional lambswool floor to the integrated in front doors Teflon-coated umbrellas. The new Rolls-Royce Ghost will be powered by 6.6 litre V12 engine developing 563hp and the incredible 780N/m of torque. The classic discipline 0-60mph is achieved in just 4.7 seconds and the top speed is 155mph (electronically limited). Fuel consumption is 13

VW reveals BLUEMOTION range at Frankfurt Motor Show

Production versions of three new highly-efficient additions to the BlueMotion range have been unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show. All engines from this range are common rail diesel powered with incredible low fuel consumption and emissions under 115g/km of CO2. The new Polo, Golf and Passat BlueMotion models emit just 87 g/km, 99 g/km and 114 g/km of CO2 respectively while every variant is also capable of travelling a minimum of 840 miles on a single tank of fuel. Each model bears

Lotus Elise Club Racer - a stunning combination of performance, efficiency and style

Making its debut at the I.A.A. in Frankfurt 2009, the Special Edition Lotus Elise Club Racer introduces new and exclusive colour schemes, bespoke interior and lightweight components all in a world class, high performance and low emission sportscar. The CO2 is only 179 g/km and combined with the performance – 0-100km/h in just 6.1 seconds and fuel consumption as low as 7.6L/100km the small car becomes extraordinary good. Lotus has taken four of the classic colour schemes used by Lotus in th

BMW X6 Hamman Tycoon Evo

Hamman took care about the big SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) – BMW X6. It perfectly styled from every single point of view. Complete new body kit specially designed for improving the road behavior and performance. They also offer performance kits and noble accessories to make the picture complete. Already for the eights time, HAMANN-Motorsport presents its exclusive refining program at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In hall 5.0, exhibition stand B.32, the renowned BMW specialist and tuner of the