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range rover evoque p300 hst: elegant packaging and aggressive spirit

Range Rover Evoque P300 HST: elegant packaging and aggressive spirit

The Evoque line-up of Range Rover expands with the arrival of the new P300 HST lineup. The new model features enhanced technology with the latest Pivi infotainment system and an elegant new exterior design. Inspired by the large HST model lineup, the new P300 HST also incorporates an Ingenium petrol unit and numerous advanced technological features. As it comes to engine characteristics, the Range Rover P300 HST’s Ingenium unit is a 2.0-liter petrol system and generates a total of 300hp and b

hamann launching beautiful evoque convertible tuning pack

HAMANN launching beautiful Evoque Convertible tuning pack

Tuners customizes thoroughly the challenging SUV Range Rover Evoque Convertible was initially rather a suspicious project. However, the SUV looks strangely charming and waves at those of you who are not afraid to express their individuality. HAMANN Motorsport has actually worked on this arty vehicle and has recently released a refinement package worth ones attention. The result, the Evoque Convertible becomes immediate eye-catcher. Being the world’s first open SUV, this is kind of tempting

kahn transforms range rover evoque to unparalleled levels

Kahn transforms Range Rover Evoque to unparalleled levels

Project Kahn Evoque mixes dynamism and luxury We have not one, but two important news to announce about our favorite British tuner Kahn Group. Almost every Friday the designers release a brand new project, and today is no exception. We have received the first pictures of the breath-taking Project Kahn Range Rover Evoque Dynamic Luxury Edition, which has been styled in the ways and manners of Afzal Kahn. In other words, it looks amazing and those who will be sitting inside will enjoy wide

this evoque black label edition by kahn is one-off bijou you must see

This Evoque Black Label Edition by Kahn is One-Off Bijou You Must See

Range Rover Evoque is one of the most beautiful cars on the market nowadays, and the talented tuners at Kahn Design discovered a way to make it even more desirable and hot-looking. Called Black Label Edition for a reason, this one-off Evoque is based on the five door Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 SE Tech model from 2016 model year. All-Black Exterior The design philosophy behind Black Label Edition is to make the Evoque… all-black. For this reason the customization experts have painted the vehicl

kahn range rover evoque rs sport comes in ecstatic fuji white

Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS Sport Comes in Ecstatic Fuji White

The project by Kahn Design for this week is based on the beautiful Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 SE Tech 5DR. It is equipped with tuning company’s RS Sport package, which conveys not only more elegance, but adds a sense of individuality to the style of the car. External Appeal First and foremost, the Evoque comes in Fuji White and ands on top of it the contrasting RS Sport package. It includes a brand new front bumper with integrated vents, which also feature 3-D mesh inserts. There was also fron

exclusive: range rover evoque convertible with official debut [videos]

EXCLUSIVE: Range Rover Evoque Convertible with Official Debut [VIDEOS]

Range Rover Evoque Convertible had its debut officially yesterday. Land Rover unveiled the SUV against the backdrop of the University of the Arts' famous Central Saint Martins building in Granary Square in London. Showing-off its bold design, refined features and sophisticated roof, the brand demonstrated that it is not afraid to go beyond any barriers of thought. Because many might ask “Who needs all-season convertible SUV?” Well, it is obvious that Land Rover does, since it has done its homewo

kahn range rover evoque rs sport shines bright in orkney grey

Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS Sport Shines Bright in Orkney Grey

Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS Sport comes in this beautiful grey exterior color. It also features a lot of styling upgrades for its exterior and interior. As a matter of fact, we seen this model being updated so many times, but it is never late for a better version. Even more, since it is one of the most cherished vehicles, it is always nice to see a custom-made individual variant. And here is what this one-off Evoque is about. Exterior Important to mention is that the exterior paint scheme of th

kahn releases tech pack for the range rover evoque rs sport

Kahn Releases Tech Pack for the Range Rover Evoque RS Sport

After the latest projects we have seen from Kahn Design, it is now time to show you something “more ordinary”. Of course, I am not talking about the exclusivity of the vehicle here, but about the fact that it isn’t that ambitious as the Vengeance Project or the Flying Huntsman. Instead, this Range Rover Evoque has received a thorough treatment. Exterior Equipped with the Tech Pack, the RS Sport version of the Evoque carries a wide range of exterior styling upgrades. First I should mention the

how about an extra tuning for the evoque? yes, please!

How About an Extra Tuning for the Evoque? Yes, please!

Range Rover Evoque is one of the most wanted vehicles around the world. After the Type R, this is probably my second “dream-about” model. What makes it so attractive? It is probably up to one’s taste, but for sure when an Evoque gets a proper tuning, things really go out of control. This week, the specialists at Kahn Design have been working on this exclusive car and it now looks amazing. Dubbed Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS250 Edition, the vehicle has been equipped with Tech Pack, but the first

it's official: range rover evoque convertible coming in 2016 [video]

It's Official: Range Rover Evoque Convertible Coming in 2016 [VIDEO]

It’s very exciting news today, since Land Rover has confirmed that it is going to introduce to the market a Range Rover Evoque Convertible. In fact, the vehicle has already been put under some serious testing at Crossrail, which is Europe’s largest construction project comprised of 26 miles of tunnels. In addition, the tests have been filmed and the result is a stunning film, which can be viewed below. After we have seen the 2016 Evoque at the Geneva Motor Show, the company could not hide a l

is 2016 range rover evoque a disappointment?

Is 2016 Range Rover Evoque a Disappointment?

It is totally British, it is beautiful, it is 2016 model year and it is here! If you have read the last publication, then you’ll already know that I am talking about the brand new 2016 Range Rover Evoque. This amazing vehicle is going to have its official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show and is set to have a market launch in the US this fall. The car has kept its distinctive appeal, powerful on road presence and captivating design, which in my opinion expresses true beauty. Well, let’s see w

what eyes! what a silhouette! what a range rover evoque!

What Eyes! What a Silhouette! What a Range Rover Evoque!

Land Rover has revealed the first teaser image of the 2016 Range Rover Evoque. The facelifted Evoque is heading to Geneva Motor Show early next month for its official premiere and it promises to deliver unmatched characteristics which will set a new benchmark for optimized driving exhilaration. This is expected to be the most successful Land Rover ever produced! Nothing much can be really seen from the depicted picture but at least it opens a preview of an impressive "eyes" signature. The