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2020 yaris hatchback: still sexy and agile!

2020 Yaris Hatchback: still sexy and agile!

2020 Yaris would try to blend everything that would make a modern hath appealing. It is efficient, affordable, sexy and features tons of goodies. In fact, the vehicle come with the latest technologies and user-friendly gadgets that further enhance the pleasure of driving. Exterior design Bold and distinct, vehicle’s character is defined by tons of changes, compared to predecessor models. For example, the front end reveals a gutsy attitude with its hexagon lower front grille and sharp-eyed head

2017 toyota yaris: appealing, yet nothing special

2017 Toyota Yaris: appealing, yet nothing special

And here we are again: Toyota showcases one more generation of Yaris vehicles. And one more time we will be talking about how the well-known brand has just revealed the best so-far vehicle in the whole lineup. So, are you ready? Here we go! In Toyota’s own words, as you might have expected, this is the one and only Yaris that is worth your time and money. In fact, we must admit that this small hatch is quite sexy and agile. We do like the exterior design and the overall concept idea. However,

yaris orange edition: necessary or unneeded summer toy?

Yaris Orange Edition: necessary or unneeded summer toy?

Yaris, one of Toyota's most popular models received a summer refresh. The Orange Edition will be recognized by the new orange (you don't say!) metallic body finish and some noticeable and other not so noticeable tweaks made on the outside and the inside of the vehicle. The bright exterior coloring completely matches the black details that include door mirror casings, rear pillar and side sills. In fact, the sills also feature a sweet chrome flash. The honeycomb-shaped grille is also covered i

toyota demonstrates the new design pack for yaris lineup

Toyota Demonstrates the New Design Pack for Yaris Lineup

Design grade for refreshed Yaris? Yep, this looks like a promising start for the 2016 season for Toyota. The refreshment pack includes numerous changes and upgrades for adding value, style and performance upgrades for the newest Yaris family member. Customers for the new Design models can also choose along additional distinctive color schemes as the new black "wrap-around" roof treatment. But let's see what the upgraded specifications look like. It is good to know that the hybrid power, CO2 e

toyota returns to fia world rally championship with yaris wrc car [video]

Toyota Returns to FIA World Rally Championship with Yaris WRC Car [VIDEO]

Toyota is returning to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2017 with a Yaris WRC car. It was developed and built by the Toyota Motorsport (TMG) technical centre in Cologne, Germany. Over the next two years the team will make tests of the car, which will prepare it for a full return to the racing series. This announcement was made by company’s President, Akio Toyoda, at a news conference in Tokyo. The Yaris WRC also made its public debut there. The car is driven by a 1.6-litre turbo-char

toyota announces 2015 yaris us pricing

Toyota Announces 2015 Yaris US Pricing

2015 Toyota Yaris has already gone on sale across the Old Continent. Now the Japanese company is announcing the US pricing for the model, which is listed below. Undoubtedly, the faselifted Yaris has a distinct design with European flavor. It features quieter interior made of new materials. It will be available in three-door or five-door liftback versions. New is the horizontal chrome grill which continues right in to the headlamp. Inside the cabin the occupants will seat in premium seats, whi

2015 toyota yaris - price and specs

2015 Toyota Yaris - Price and Specs

The new 2014 Toyota Yaris is now available to order with pricing starting from £10,995 for the entry level Active 3-door 1.0 VVT-I 5-speed manual model and goes up to £17,695 for the Excel 5-door 1.5 VVT-i Hybrid with CVT gearbox. The line-up offers more choice, more equipment options and a wealth of advanced features for on-board comfort, communications, safety and style. There are four trim levels including Active and Icon as well as Sport and Excel. The Hybrid drivetrain can be specifi

2015 toyota yaris - full details and pictures

2015 Toyota Yaris - Full Details and Pictures

Toyota unveiled full details and pictures for the 2015 Yaris Facelift. The small city car features more distinctive stylistic aspects and additional emotional appeal. “Yaris was always extremely strong in its rational dimensions: great packaging, durability, cost of ownership… What we wanted to achieve was to connect the model not only with our customers’ brains, but also with their hearts.”, commented Alessandro Massimino, Product Manager in Brussels. The exterior of 2015 Yaris Faceli

2014 yaris and yaris hybrid get upgraded equipment

2014 Yaris And Yaris Hybrid Get Upgraded Equipment

2014 Toyota Yaris and Yaris Hybrid have been upgraded for the new model year and include features that customers value most. First of all the new Yaris will have four trim levels: Active, Icon, Icon Plus and Trend. The Active and Icon replace the previous T2 and TR grades, while Icon Plus and Trend gain additional equipment. To be more precise, the Icon Plus now will sport Selena 10-spoke, 15-inch alloy wheels, LED rear light clusters and front fog lights. Those who will chose the Glacier Pea

2013 toyota yaris hybrid-r concept gets fully unveiled

2013 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept Gets Fully Unveiled

2013 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept is finally revealed after being teased several times. The brand’s best selling Yaris has been turned into a dynamic track or road car thanks to applied high-performance engineering and advanced hybrid technology, which was inspired by TS030 hybrid Le Mans race car. The new model will make its world premiere next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where it will show a future development of hybrid technology which aims to achieve maximum performance and enhance

2012 toyota yaris delivers exceptional blend of fuel economy and performance

2012 Toyota Yaris delivers exceptional blend of fuel economy and performance

2012 Toyota Yaris has achieved sales up 140 percent in April and 70 percent for the year. This means that the subcompact Toyota vehicle is one of the most frequent choices customers make, when they have in mind characteristics such as performance, comfort, fuel efficiency and safety. The new Yaris is now being offered in two variants – with three- and five-door. Both are available with five-speed manual or four-speed electronic automatic transmissions. More importantly, the vehicle is propel

2012 toyota yaris hybrid: prices and specifications announced

2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid: Prices and Specifications Announced

2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a breakthrough in the development of technologies. The reasons for this are several, but probably some of the most prominent ones are the low emissions, refined performance and reliability of full hybrid technology. This hybrid model is available to order now and can be seen on the UK roads, starting from 1st of July this year. Its price starts from £14 995, which makes it Britain’s lowest-priced hybrid car. What is more important here however is that it is equi