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Mitsubishi News

2016 mitsubishi outlander has finally revealed more details

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander has finally came with some more information about pricing and other features. As you know, the sexy seven-passenger crossover comes with a completely different design concept: it has undergone numerous tweaks and over 100 engineer improvements, that bring more confidence on

mitsubishi introduced its latest android information system

Mitsubishi Electric announced the latest generation of FLEXConnect In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. IVI provides effective and intuitive three-screen user interface, that combines swipe and touch-screen technology, that the driver can easily and quickly navigate it. Built on an Android system, the center touch-sc

next generation mitsubishi outlander adopts dynamic shield technology

Mitsubishi has revealed its new generation seven-passenger crossover in New York. This is a significant moment in company’s history because the vehicle comes to display the adoption of new design language. Different exterior, more engineering and design tweaks and greater driving experience define

mitsubishi teasing 2016 outlander again

Ten days ago Mitsubishi announced that it will introduce its Outlander facelift at the New York International Auto Show on 2nd of April. Now the brand has given us more hints of what this future SUV would look like and they are definitely exciting. First, there are two new teaser images that you can see below, which show a darkened view to the front and rear of the vehicle. Next, the Japanese company has also disclosed that the 2016 Outlander will be the first model in the range to apply company’s new design p

come see mitsubishi outlander facelift in new york

New York Auto Show is starting on 2nd of April and this is where we will see the birth of Mitsubishi Outlander facelift. The new model is heavily influenced by the Outlander PHEV Concept-S which we have seen in Paris last year. Since there is literally no information about the vehicle we will have to trust the rumors a

impressive mitsubishi xr-phev ii concept goes in production?

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II Concept is a continuation of the previous concept model which debuted at LA Auto Show last year. This new vehicle was displayed in Geneva and in my opinion is nothing that much different from what we have seen. The crossover shows company’s visions for the future of urban mob

fifth generation mitsubishi l200 is debuting in geneva

The last time we have seen the Mitsubishi L200 debuting was 9 years ago. For this amount of time, the company managed to sell 1.3 million units. Now, it is time for the automotive industry to meet the new 5th generation of the L200. It will have its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The new vehicle has bee

mitsubishi concept gc-phev shows its futuristic design in chicago

We do expect a Mitsubishi Concept car to debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year. However, we were surprised to see another concept debuting at the Chicago Auto Show, called Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV. It is absolutely breath-taking with its futuristic design and large crossover qualities. It is vi