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Car Tuning

this mercedes-amg a45 makes it to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds! we thank posaidon for that

This Mercedes-AMG A45 makes it to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds! We thank POSAIDON for that

POSAIDON A45 RS485+ is a true 315 km/h sportscar hunter! As Mercedes-Benz A-Class driver, I’m always hyped when a tuner goes for this model. This time the heroes in my eyes are the experts at POSAIDON, which has given their best to modify the hottest among hatchbacks – the Mercedes-AMG A45 is the hottest of the hot hatchbacks. Besides the beautiful looks, the car is the most powerful among its range: its original output is measured at 3

dte systems uprates the sent engine generation of mercedes-benz e220 d

DTE Systems uprates the SENT engine generation of Mercedes-Benz E220 d

The tuning studio has developed PowerControl SNT unit which adds more power and torque DTE Systems experts are good human beings, who have developed a new tuning box, named PowerControl SNT, raising the potential of the latest Mercedes E220 d. Under the hood is the four-cylinder diesel (W213), which has become more sporting and agile. But to go into details, the added power is 24 bhp and 49 Nm. What does this mean? The 2.0 litre turbo-d

noelle motors impresses with bmw 750i’s new power capability

noelle motors impresses with BMW 750i’s new power capability

The iconic BMW 750i receives a three staged power uprating program This project will excite many BMW enthusiasts, because it adds more power within the means of three upgrade stages. The conversion has been developed for the BMW 750i G11, and those looking for an uprating might consider this one. So, here are the details. If you are very strongly linked with your love for BMW, then you should probably know the tuning company called noel

g-power surprises with stunning mercedes-amg g63 conversion

G-POWER surprises with stunning Mercedes-AMG G63 conversion

The iconic off-roader’s V8 now receives an addition of 74 hp and 140 Nm of torque G-POWER has been mainly associated with BMW conversions. However, the tuning studio is also keen on optimizing another German automaker’s models: the Mercedes-Benz cars. The conversion here includes the iconic off-roader G63 AMG, w

larte design offers new tuning pack for the popular mercedes-benz v-class black crystal project

LARTE Design offers new tuning pack for the popular Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal project

The extras included make the V-class Black Crystal the perfect luxury family car for business people This week has started with the announcement of LARTE Design’s Mercedes GLS Black Crystal, which will be revealed at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) on August 24th. But besides this exclusive project, the Russian tuner is about to show there all emblematic vehicles in its portfolio, including the Tesla Model S Elizabeta and

mercedes a-class: the controversial car is now in its best form after piecha’s conversion

Mercedes A-Class: the controversial car is now in its best form after PIECHA’s conversion

PIECHA Design offers new styling kits for the W176 Who said that the controversial Mercedes A-Class can not look sporty? Well, of course after the general transformation it received in 2012, the car looks unrecognizable from its original form. Because of the negative customer reaction of the “minivan”-like A-class, the new variants look mostly as a small version of the C-class. Still, the transformed automobile debuted four years ago, and

3ddesign and carbonfiber dynamics teams took a closer look to a lucky m5 model. check out the result!

3DDesign and Carbonfiber Dynamics teams took a closer look to a lucky M5 model. Check out the result!

Carbonfiber Dynamics, Europe's largest distributor of exclusive carbon parts proudly shows its latest creation: the BMW F10 M5. What is so special about this sweetie is that it showcases the highest stage of evolution in the world of carbon-fiber technology. Sounds coo to me. So, what do we got here? A pack with front lip, side sills, diffuser and spoiler all created exclusively by 3DDesign in Japan. As you know, 3DDesign is well known among B

this huracan final edition sets new standards among bespoke rivals

This Huracan Final Edition sets new standards among bespoke rivals

VOS Performance offers high-end tuning for the iconic Lamborghini Huracan In 2015 we witnessed the birth of VOS Performance’s bespoke conversion for the Lamborghini Huracán, which captured our hearts entirely. What made this tuning so special is that the creators have based their ideas on the motto “Think outside the box”. As a result, the experts at VOS considered a rather “holistic approach” to the customization, thus offering for the Hu

larte design reveals more details about the new mystical black crystal project

LARTE Design reveals more details about the new mystical Black Crystal project

This image shows the blackout variant of what we have previewed as the latest Black Crystal in LARTE Design’s family. Although we have been left with the impression that the new vehicle will be white, it seems that there is a variant in the opposite color. Whether LARTE will keep both color versions stay unclear. What we know so far is that the project, which will be exhibited at the MIAS event in Moscow, is based on the new Mercedes GLS.

dÄhler is taking the bmw x4 m40i to unknown levels of performance and aerodynamics

dÄHLer is taking the BMW X4 M40i to unknown levels of performance and aerodynamics

dÄHLer BMW X4 M40i equipped with tuner’s “competition line” offers unmatched horsepower The tuning company dÄHLer strikes again with an exclusive project, which this time is based on the X4 M40i powered by the N55-engine. The significant customization pushes further the innate capabilities of the SUV. Equipped with what the tuner is calling “dÄHLer competition line”, this X4 M40i is more powerful and dynamic as it has ever been. In shor

arrinera hussarya gt prototype in poland: what to mention? [w/video]

Arrinera Hussarya GT Prototype in Poland: what to mention? [w/video]

The well-known blue Arrinera Hussarya GT prototype, the very same Polish car that tackled down the hillclimb at the 201 6 Goodwood Festival of Speed, has visited Poland during a road tour that consists a trip in several Polish cities. As you might know, this is a GT4 racecar with turbular frame, carbon-fiber-dominated body, a mighty V8 power unit and sequential Hewland transmission. While in beautiful Poland, the Hussarya GT visited the cobble

brabus and mini: a rather pleasurable combination

BRABUS and MINI: a rather pleasurable combination

BRABUS strikes back with two new sporty packs for the fortwo coupe and cabrio SMART models. Available for moderately low price, the BRABUS Sport Package grants customers with numerous customization features and some neat exclusive tweaks. So, without further due, let's see what is going on here! The packs are availa

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