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irmscher releases special edition opel insignia is3 called ‘bandit’

Irmscher Releases Special Edition Opel Insignia is3 Called ‘Bandit’

Irmscher Opel Insignia is3 Bandit is a very special edition car. First, it is an example of the exquisite work of the tuners and secondly it has so much power that no one have ever seen in an Insignia model. In other words, the car features exterior tuning as well as a furious power package. Exteri

prior design transforming the ferrari 458 italia

Prior Design Transforming the Ferrari 458 Italia

Prior Design is proud to present their latest project based on the Ferrari Italia F458. It is one of their best tunings we have seen so far and we decided to bring it forward to the public. Although 458 Italia is a sports car that barely needs modifications, Prior Design experts were courageous enough to step into fields that other tuners rarely do. Basically, the conversion comprises not only of a widening aerodynamic kit, but also adds new wheels and tires, additional lowering as well as extra output for the f

fostla.de and pp-performance gather for a special audi rs3 safety car

Fostla.de and PP-Performance Gather for a Special Audi RS3 Safety Car

Audi RS3 has been turned into a Safety Car via optical tuning and then taken to the experts at Fostla.de. They were working in collaboration with the power uprating specialists at PP-Performance to bring about the result we see in the pictures. The car looks stunning and very expressive, so let’s se

dmc develops stage 4 program for lambo huracan that gives it 1088hp!

DMC Develops Stage 4 Program for Lambo Huracan that Gives it 1088HP!

Lamborghini Huracan Limited Edition LP1088 E-GT by DMC is a great example how a car that is regarded as perfection can strive for more. The tuners at DMC have been obviously busy creating a boost-kit for this Lambo, since it has brand new looks and power under the hood. Luckily, they didn’t change o

hperformance imagines audi tt rs clubsport in a very nice way

HPerformance Imagines Audi TT RS Clubsport in a Very Nice Way

HPerformance Audi TT RS Clubsport is a project we couldn’t pass. The car not only looks amazing with its black ‘dress’ and purposeful stance, but also has more power than its stock siblings. This of course, brings it one step closer to the dream car of many (including me) with its 500+HP potency.

g-power surprises with custom 700+hp mercedes-amg s63

G-POWER Surprises with Custom 700+HP Mercedes-AMG S63

G-POWER Mercedes-AMG S63 is a tuning we haven’t expected. Why? The reason is that we are used to seeing rather BMW modifications coming from this customizer. As you can expect from G-POWER they have concentrated in uprating the power of the S63 AMG and this has happened via ECU means. Directly to the details: the si

loma and its ferrari f12 berlinetta: beauty comes in simple modifications

LOMA and its Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: Beauty Comes in Simple Modifications

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is one of the most wanted vehicles around the world. If anyone has every seen it on the streets or even had the opportunity of driving it, he or she stays deeply and forever touched. Famous for its beautiful exterior, aerodynamic proportions and powerful capabilities, the Berl

jeep and mopar show custom trio in frankfurt

Jeep and Mopar Show Custom Trio in Frankfurt

Jeep and Mopar are currently showing three exclusive vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The most impressive one is the Wrangler Rubicon Sunriser, which besides its expressive appearance includes 4-inch lift kit and half doors. The second is the Cherokee KrawLer which will be detailed below but in general features one-off suspension, tires and skid plates. At last but not least, the Renegade Trailhawk includes custom goodies such as 17-inch rims, underbody skid plates and tow hooks. These show vehicles were modif

mansory unveiled the one and only carbon beast

MANSORY Unveiled the One and Only Carbon Beast

After the success of the MANSORY Carbonado a radical, the latest interpretation of the Lamborghini Huracan continues the unusual affair. Now, MANSORY team decided to name their latest project TOROFEO. Why? Because of the Spanish word "Toro" which means bull and the Super Trofeo Motorsport range. So, along with the name, there is a lot more to be reviewed. So, what are we waiting for? As you would expect from MANSORY, the team couldn't help itself with the use of carbon-fiber elements. Not just that, but the desi

startech displays sportier bentley continental cabriolet in frankfurt

STARTECH Displays Sportier Bentley Continental Cabriolet in Frankfurt

STARTECH Bentley Continental Cabriolet can be also spotted in Frankfurt tomorrow. It will make company to the other Bentley model presented by STARTECH at its stand – the custom Flying Spur. Just like it, the Continental features extensive tuning program for its exterior and interior, and a promise

startech debuts two bentley projects in frankfurt starting with the flying spur

STARTECH Debuts Two Bentley Projects in Frankfurt Starting with the Flying Spur

STARTECH is displaying at the Frankfurt Motor Show tomorrow not one but two Bentley models. The first one is the Flying Spur, which will be reviewed right now, and the other one… we’ll you have to wait until the next article to know which is it. Unlike, the previously reviewed BRABUS, this car only

brabus announces mercedes-benz g 500 4x4² project for frankfurt

BRABUS Announces Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² Project for Frankfurt

BRABUS Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² is going to be revealed tomorrow at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It will be shown at BRABUS stand next to the recently announced custom Mercedes-AMG GT S. Just like the AMG GT S, the G 500 features similar improvements: power uprating and various improvements to the exte