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In the Car Tuning Category on Automobiles Review you preview only the recently published articles about all modified vehicles. Here you can fully dive into the field of creativity!

Car Tuning

what happens when 272hp aren’t enough? meet the powerful b&b audi a4

What happens when 272HP aren’t enough? Meet the powerful B&B Audi A4

B&B Automobiltechnik is one of the main featured tuning companies in our blog. Their latest project is based on the favorited Audi A4, equipped with the strongest engine, namely – the 3.0 TDI. As a standard it comes with 272 hp (200 kW) and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) of torque. However, the 272 number wasn’t enough for the driver of this car. So the tuners stepped in with a special three stage conversion program. What is more, there are some changes

fostla.de shows stunning black-chrome bmw m3 coupe

Fostla.de shows stunning black-chrome BMW M3 Coupe

Fostla.de BMW M3 Coupe has stunning looks, which perfectly complement its untamed inner nature. In other words, if you have the regular BMW M3, and want to “touch” it a little bit, the team at Fostla.de is definitely offering an option to consider. In this way, your ordinary automobile will be transformed into a unique

prior-design is killing it with the audi rs6/a6 avant pd600r project

Prior-Design is killing it with the Audi RS6/A6 Avant PD600R project

Prior-Design has just released a stunning tuning kit for the Audi A6 Avant and the RS6. It definitely contributes for bettering (if that is even possible) car’s stance. What is more, the tuning company also offers an exciting power-modification for these models. The aim is to add more excitement to the enhanced visual appearance. Well, they’ve done it right. PD600R Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit The widebody kit is called PD600R and features many ele

mcchip-dkr releases speedy 485 hp porsche 991 carrera s

mcchip-dkr releases speedy 485 HP Porsche 991 Carrera S

Let’s go astray from the Golf GTI hype and talk about the latest project of the tuners at mcchip-dkr. It is based on a Porsche 991 Carrera S, which is not the typical car one would see on a daily basis (unless they own it). Since, mcchip-dkr is well-known for chip tuning, there is no doubt that the Porsche would featur

svr to reveal noble m600: what to expect?

SVR to reveal Noble M600: what to expect?

Super Veloce Racing (SVR), recently appointed by Noble Automotive as the official sales and servivces dealer for the British premium supercar manufacturer, has announced that it will reveal the latest 405km/h (225mph) supercar at the London Motor Show on Thursday, May 5, 2016. SVR's M600 customer demonstrator, demonstrating a stunning "Black-Red" body finish with carbon fiber roof is to be revealed on Thursday, following intensive and comprehensive tests and experiments. In fact, this is the latest vehicle to co

in search for perfection afzal kahn creates the ultimate defender

In search for perfection Afzal Kahn creates the Ultimate Defender

If you wonder how the “Ultimate Defender” would look like, then you should definitely visit the London Motor Show, which starts tomorrow. If you aren’t in the vicinity of the event, then you can jump into our gallery and check out the latest project of the famous Afzal Kahn. In his striving for perfection, he has eventually created the so called “Utimate” Land Rover Defender. Here are the details. The unique Land Rover Defender designed by Afz

tip-exclusive creates one-off arty porsche 911 turbo cabriolet

TIP-Exclusive creates one-off arty Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Besides the Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI Clubsport, another car which is celebrating its 40th anniversary is the Porsche 911 Turbo. Since the introduction of the original 911 in 1964, the car has become a legend, and the 911 Turbo was the first turbocharged production sportscar ever! We won’t discuss the vast advantages of the model over its competitors, but when the Porsche 997 Turbo came out, it was praised as the best all-round sports car of its time

oxigin volkswagen golf 7 gti clubsport is a piece of art

OXIGIN Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI Clubsport is a piece of art

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport is going to star in our news a lot today! The reason is that the special edition model is marking 40 years since it has first appeared on the market in 1976. Back then, the car was powered by a 1.6 litre fuel-injected engine producing 110 hp (81 kW). It might not look a lot now, but it was

vos ferrari 488 gtb features all preliminary qualities to be the perfect ferrari you will ever see!

VOS Ferrari 488 GTB features all preliminary qualities to be the perfect Ferrari you will ever see!

Which are the preliminary qualities of a Ferrari? First, it has to be red; secondly – it has to be fast; and third, it has to be beautiful. When one isn’t satisfied with its factory 488 GTB, then he or she goes to the doctor (tuner) and changes what they don’t like. It is as simple as that! Quality One: The Color In case of this project, which is based on the Ferrari 488 GTB and is made by the specialists at VOS Performance (VOS stands for Visi

vÄth improves the performance characteristics of mercedes-benz c450 amg 4matic

VÄTH improves the performance characteristics of Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG 4MATIC

VÄTH has unveiled its latest project based on the Mercedes-AMG C450 4MATIC (W205). The tuning company has developed a special kit called V45, which boosts the power of the model. The result is impressive and it doesn’t’ include only output optimization, but it does also feature some important upgrades that aid the performance of the car. Here are the details. First and foremost, the kit features individual precision-adjustment of the engine el

tiny car with great hidden potential: meet wimmer rs volkswagen polo wrc

Tiny car with great hidden potential: meet WIMMER RS Volkswagen Polo WRC

WIMMER RS Volkswagen Polo WRC is one little car with enormous potential. One can hardly imagine that this tiny beasty can reach the heights of developing 420 horsepower. Does this mean that size does not matter when it comes to engine power boost? In this case we are pretty positive, but still there might be many out there who are on the opposite opinion. So, let’s see what caught our attention in this project. We must admit that the original

larte design redefines luxurious experience with special vip black crystal v-class

Larte Design redefines luxurious experience with special VIP Black Crystal V-Class

Larte Design Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal has been introduced for the first time this year back in the end of January. However, we received details only regarding the interior of the car, which stunned us with its vast luxurious cabin, high-quality materials and ambient atmosphere. In other words, this V-Class promised to be an example of maximum level of comfort and individuality for VIP persons… or whoever can afford it. It is now tim

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