The brand new redesigned 2015 Subaru Outback. One of the first crossover SUVs that was introduced back in the 1990-s. This car has never been what someone would consider to be a good looking car. But this redesigned 2015 model comes close.The front end of the car is redone with a sleeker look now. Subaru is well known for the symmetrical all-wheel drive. The Subaru 2015 Outback has the sack system built-in. The car is now made overall  quieter, coming along with nice aluminum 18-inch wheels.

The interior has been redone.  Because the car sits high off the ground, the seats are also high which makes it easy to get in and out. Very spacious, the rear seats, which can be heated, offer more than enough legroom and headroom. The seats can also be reclined, in case you need more space to lea back. A folding armrest with cup holders is installed as well in the back. The front seats of the Subaru 2015 Outback are extremely comfortable, especially the driver's seat with a multitude of adjustments. A plush, convenient armrest with decent size cup holders makes sitting in the front a lot more convenient. The car offers a panoramic visibility. With an either manual or automatic gear shift selector. One downfall, is that the front passenger sit cannot be height adjusted, which can be really frustrating for most passengers.The standard infotainment system set up in the 2015 Outback is a 6.2 touch screen with a lot of features.  With big icons, pleasing graphics, really easy to use.

The new 2015 Subaru is a crossover SUV with an 8.7 inches of ground clearance which is really substantial and this helps to highly reduce cabin vibration.


Two new awesome features for the 2015 Subaru model are the Front aluminum light weight hood is extremely easy to open, just by pressing it  the hood just flies open by itself and Subaru did a really nice job with that. Nice hatch, which opens and closes automatically with the touch of a button located under the Subaru rear badge spacious trunk.  With a 35.5 cubic feet of cargo space, the trunk is perfect for fitting in luggage for a family vacation. The cargo cover can be fold in and out, providing even more space. The rear seats are 60/40 which can be reclined by the help of switches in the trunk providing and additional 73.3 cubic feet of cargo space.

This Subaru is equipped with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine 175 hp, (which in my opinion seems under powered), connected to a standard all-wheel drive system with an active torque vectoring. It also has a continuously variable transmission with 6 pre-programmed gears in it which you can operate, using paddle shifter on the steering wheel. There is an option to upgrade to a 3.6 liter 6 cylinder engine with the same type of construction, makes 256 hp, probably more satisfying with the cost of more fuel consumption.EPA estimates you are going to get 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway with a combined fuel economy of 38 mpg.

There is very little to complain about this car. Aside from the disappointing fuel economy and the disappointing power, coming from the 4 cylinder engine, there are no complains.

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