Hyundai Motor proudly shows a glimpse of what it will be the forthcoming Elantra. The picture shows a modern vehicle with stylish lines and confident stance. This dynamic exterior concept has already received positive feedback. Some studies even suggest that the vehicle's striking appearance help the vehicle to rank ahead of some key rivals.

Designers really went for that distinctive and incredible style and presence. With the straight side lines and the nicely done headlights this vehicle surely is not for everyone. The elegantly done body work stays on some beautiful wheels that contribute to the overall aggressive, yet elegant appearance.

Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer at Hyundai Motor Company says that the new Elantra's  unique design and character places the car in a class of its own. He also says that the innovative appearance  reflects Hyundai Motor's vision for design. He also ensures us the vehicle will set new benchmark for comfort, fashion and sporty feel.

As you can see, the vehicle will come with big hexagon grille and slim and elegant headlights, that together contribute for that sporty and aggressive appearance. Furthermore the straight and clear body lines continue the stylish yet sporty affair.

So, the latest Hyundai Elantra looks hot even on a teaser picture. Hopefully this wouldn't change when the vehicle is unveiled.

Source: Hyundai