Audi take part in the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2010. The world famous brand took two victories. The awards came from lightweight A5, which won overall victory in the rally and the design award went to the Audi E-tron electric sports car. Audi A3 1.6 TDI was also at the Challenge Bibendum and performed good.

Audi A5 lightweight prototype brought the overall victory in the eco rally over a distance of 350 kilometers. The Michelin Challenge Bibendum was participated by 80 vehicles. The prototype was also in the leading group in the individual categories CO2 emissions, overall emissions, efficiency, acceleration and handling. A5 lightweight is just 1 310 kilos and is powered by 2.0TFSI engine developing 180 hp, which is also designed to run on bioethanol, very popular in South America.

The second Audi vehicle which took part in the competition is the E-tron, which won the design award. The electrically powered high-performance sports car has overall power of 313 hp by its electric motors. The car is equipped with lithium-ion battery makes 42.4 kWh of usable energy available – enough for an operating range of about 248 km (154 miles).

Audi A5 Lightweight Prototype, 1 of 3Audi A5 Lightweight Prototype, 2 of 3Audi A5 Lightweight Prototype, 3 of 3

The third vehicle was standard Audi A3 1.6 TDI developing 105 hp. It was consistently among the best entrants in the four criteria CO2 emissions, overall emissions, noise and handling.

The Michelin Challenge Bibendum was first held in 1998. Audi was overall winner on one previous occasion, in 2007, when the competition was held in Shanghai.

This year's challenge is in South America and it is held from May 30 to June 3. The central focus of the event is formed by the testing of around 150 eco models. The Michelin Challenge Bibendum is one of the most important car events in the world, because it focuses on the ecology.

Audi e-tron, 1 of 61Audi e-tron, 2 of 61Audi e-tron, 3 of 61Audi e-tron, 4 of 61Audi e-tron, 5 of 61Audi e-tron, 6 of 61Audi e-tron, 7 of 61Audi e-tron, 8 of 61