1966 Mercedes Benz 600 GrosserBeaulieu's first Simply Mercedes exceeds all expectations with as many as 424 luxury vehicles making a magnificent lineup in the grounds of the National Motor Museum.

There were a total of 845 rally participants enjoying luxury saloons, limousines, glamorous sports cars and rugged utility vehicles from the stylish 1950s up to the latest and most advanced machines.

Classic Mercedes enthusiasts were treated to the rare sight of a W136 saloon with its pre-war styling, along with the late 50s W121, early 60s W110 with its notable trail fins, the expressive 1960 190 SL Roadster and 1964 W113 Pagoda drop-top.

Some of the 70s, 80s and 90s models were also represented – audience had the chance to witness the reveal of a 1973 W114 coupe, 190E executive saloon, all along with R107 and R129 roadsters and coupes. As it comes to the contemporary machines, the show included the appealing and sexy Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door super saloon, Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster and CL500 Grand Tourer.

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The audience also had the chance to vote for their favorite Mercedes machine at the show. The winner is the 1966 Mercedes 600 Grosser. As you might know, this is one of the most iconic vehicles of the 20th century. Sweet!

Source: Beaulieu