Since Alexander Calder painted the BMW 3.0 CSL, that lined up for Le Mans 24-hour race, 40 years have passed. And since then the BMW Art Car Collection has fascinated with passionate artwork, design and technology. As we all know, since the invention of the motorcar, artists have made it look better, more confident and more dramatic.  As we talk about art, applied on vehicles, not much has changed even now, in 21st century.

Ever since 1975 BMW Art Cars have been known for their design and incredible paint work, and since then these cars are central figure in the BMW history. In fact, the idea behind the art cars comes from a French driver and painter, Hervé Poulain. Exactly 40 years ago, Poulain asked his friend, artist Alexander Calder to incorporate his talent into his sports car. This is how the beautiful and colorful tradition was born.

Now, the anniversary celebration are made in Hong Kong, where the first art BMW models will be displayed. And this is not all the good news! There will be more more colorful shows later in 2015,  held in New York, Miami and Shanghai.

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Up to date, numerous BMW Art Cars have been witnessed performing on the road and now proudly telling their stories in art museums. Just some of the unique models are: Alexander Calder (BMW 3.0 CSL, 1975), Frank Stella (BMW 3.0 CSL, 1976), Roy Lichtenstein (BMW 320 Group 5, 1977), Andy Warhol (BMW M1 Group 4, 1979), Ernst Fuchs (BMW 635CSi, 1982), Robert Rauschenberg (BMW 635CSi, 1986), Michael Jagamara Nelson (BMW M3 Group A, 1989).

In 2014 Hatje Cantz published even comprehensive publication of the BMW Art Cars. It is a 200-page book, with wonderful illustrations and reviews for every model, ever since 1975.

This is a wonderful tradition and we all hope, that this is only the beginning of a fairytale, created with colors and passion!

Source: BMW