3DDesign and Studie Thailand have collaborated for a special project including the intricate BMW i3. Being more individual than ever, the tuned i3 has been created with the single aim to push the boundaries of the chassis. The personalization of the car began with the styling changes, which include a new exterior color, called Fire Orange, as well as some contrasting graphics in black.

Inside, the same fiery color theme has been used for the set of Recaro LX-F seats. They were wrapped in a combination of orange leather and suede. The dash is in the same fire Orange featured to add more harmony in the overall design.

Next, the right height of the car was lowered by 20 mm. There is also an option for the i3 to be even lower (30 mm) to the ground thanks to the specifically created by Studie suspension setup. In addition, 3D Design created for the BMW more pronounced front lip spoiler and a roof spoiler. The result of this is more balance and perfect addition to the black MAK wheels.

Take a look at the front grille. When I saw it for the first time it looked familiar. Then I immediately though of the F chassis ///M cars. This is where Studie took inspiration and built a custom front grill set with integrated blue LED's.

Although the i3 is electric, the tuners have made it possible for the driver and occupants to enjoy the BMW active sound in the cabin. The system produces a programmed soundtrack of an inline-six, V8, V10 or even a mighty V12 engine.

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Source: 3DDesign via www.bmwblog.com