After its successful launch in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, the BMW ConnectedDrive Store is now going to be presented in the USA in spring 2015.

As it seems, the connection between the person who is driving, the car and the environment is of a great importance to the automaker. In its attempts to make such connectivity even more flexible and reachable, the BMW team of specialists creates an extremely useful and easy to access range of digital features and services which are part of the BMW ConnectedDrive. Moreover, the store has its own menu option under ConnectedDrive or BMW Online, which can be selected via the iDrive Controller.

But how can a driver benefit from such services? The huge number of connectivity solutions can be ordered online by using the "My ConnectedDrive" customer portal. What is more, for further convenience different apps and services are also available right from the car via the BMW ConnectedDrive menu. For instance, one of the highly helpful functions is the Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI). In a situation when the driver gets stuck in a traffic and cannot rely on traffic news on the radio which sometimes happen to be incorrect, he or she can install the RTTI and take advantage of the accurate information which is presented.  

In order to use the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, the driver is required to integrate and connect a SIM card into the vehicle. The SIM card is also needed for the Intelligent Emergency Call service, which establishes contact with a BMW Call Centre if an accident occurs.

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Source: BMW