2012 BMW Zagato Coupé will make its premiere at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. BMW Zagato Coupé is embodiment of high-quality hand-craftsmanship, sportiness and luxury.

The body of the new BMW model has been built entirely by hand. Its skin was tailored to fit the car's mechanical architecture. The hand shaped aluminum sheets of metal were meticulously molded to give the car its unique form.

The BMW Zagato Coupé is a BMW seen through the eyes of Zagato. This can be seen easily through the design of the car, due to the iconic design cues from both companies.

The initial aim for the Zagato Coupe was to be road-registered, aerodynamically optimized machine, which is able to achieve high speeds but meet all legal requirements.

The proportions of the BMW Zagato Coupé include extremely long bonnet, greenhouse set well back and double bubble roof and Kamm Tail. It looks very dynamic, doesn't it? The roofline is flowing and ends into the compact, muscular rear.

The car's dynamic silhouette underlines its sporting characteristics as well. In addition to that the three-dimensionality the car offers combined with the very wide and powerfully contoured front, gives the car an agile sense of purpose.

2012 BMW Zagato Coupé

The front fascia of this vehicle has twin circular headlights, kidney-shaped radiator grille and the extremely low, width-emphasising elements give the front end a sporty appearance.

Observed from one side, the 2012 BMW Zagato Coupé shows its long, sweeping bonnet. The rear end itself is cut almost vertically in another Zagato cue, which enhances aerodynamics. At the same time the flanks has the classical BMW Roadster lines, imbues them with extra tautness and extends them into the muscular rear end with a compelling swing of the hips.

The attractive interplay of lines here draws attention to the rear wheels and the car's rear-wheel-drive configuration. The powerful flourish above the rear wheels is picked up and passed on by the spoiler, injecting the whole area with additional dynamic impetus.

In fact, the rear end of the car is so distinctive that it provides the clearest evidence of Zagato's influence in this project. It was formed almost without a single joint and thus appearing as if formed from a single mould. The rear of the BMW Zagato Coupé has a very broad, low-slung appearance, which lends it powerful and solid stance on the road.

2012 BMW Zagato Coupé

Moreover, a matt edging brings the attention to the diffuser, then draws the focus to the wheels and underlines the sporty stance of the BMW Zagato Coupé. The exhaust tailpipes are situated towards the outer edges of the rear and also have matt finish.

Other highlight is the 19-inch light-alloy wheels on which this beautiful machine runs. They are made in classically sporty five-spoke design. Next, some attention must be put on the paintwork of the car. It features exclusive exterior paint finish named Rosso Vivace. As you can see, this is an expressive shade of red.

Its secret is that depending on how the light hits the body, the color spectrum ranges from something close to black all the way to a brilliant red. This was possible thanks to sophisticated paint application technology featuring several coats.

How about the interior of the Zagato? It is structured in customary BMW style and the when you first see it your immediate reaction will be willingness to drive it.

In the interior were used exclusive colour and materials, which are blended into exceptional details, which at their turn provide luxurious style and sporting flair.

There are also additional elements in the vehicle, which were fitted by hand. Such are for example the horizontal lines in the instrument panel and doors. The base colours used for the exclusive leather are a light and dark shade of grey.

In the interior is featured also red decorative stitching in the instrument panel, doors and seats. They all lend the car more sporting presence. The luggage compartment has two shades of grey and the red accents as well.

2012 BMW Zagato Coupé Interior

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